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  1. Possibly a Police investigation? Just a thought... I am now shutting my mouth as not to hinder it.
  2. Which night was that? I ask because if you have been following events you will have seen XL admitted they have broke the law in at least 3 ways. & which person was it? Adam, Tim or Peter? Were they based at one of the 2 locations in Sheffield when they posted or the London HQin Harley Street?
  3. In the words of Hong Kong Phooey "It could be"
  4. I wondered when someone would notice that. Its Adam Bristow.
  5. " Rumour Control - This is XL Calling! Posted on 17th Oct 2009 @ 11:25 PM Untitled 1 Hello there good people.. a bit of rumour control today as to what is going on at the moment. 1. We are NOT dead as the internet would have you believe. The site is under attack by quite sad people online who believe you should not have your god given right as people living in the UK and around the world, to enact the law that states you should be able to own a backup copy of your media. Since the big companies cannot take us down legally, they have to resort to attacking our webho
  6. Install Interspire Shopping Cart http://www.xltrading.co.uk/admin/
  7. Another host has switched XL off... On to the next one in a couple of days?
  8. Please address complaints to: adambristow2002@hotmail.com or alternatively contact adams father (step), aka Tim Shaw. Trading out of Elm Lane, Sheffield.
  9. Up & running again. Minus Paypal,Adobe & Sky. Next..
  10. I bet he already knows... Did you see the legal bit on his forum? 3 organisations were already on to him with many more in the pipeline. As for FAST.. He did post their email up & said it confirmed he was doing nothing illegal. Anyone with half a brain would of read the last two sentances of the email & realised what they were doing. I will contact www.tw@tter.com/xltrading to let him know just in case.. I expect that to go down next & the facebook page..
  11. Your website provider seems to agree with Adobe (& all other software manufacturers & music makers) that your site is ILLEGAL Its a shame you didnt listen but instead threatened to sue people. The wrong people I might add.
  12. Anyway guys. this is a PM I got from XL Trading whilst on the Legal Banter Website He has also dug out old posts of mine & insinuated I am a racist. WARNING STAY WELL CLEAR.
  13. Putting your trading address & VAT number on a website is not a financial matter. It is a legal one. & it means XL Trading are trading illegally in the UK.
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