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  1. yeah looking back i dont think they had much on me, but iv obviously never been in this situation before and i thought the worse throughout. i hate them for what theyv done, and it stresses me out that theres people out there who commit benefit fraud for the fun of it, going on luxury holidays, having nice cars etc etc. theyre the 1s who never get caught.. they need to sort it out instead of picking on innocent people like me. thankyou for your help x
  2. thankyou so much. this sight has been amazing to me. iv gone so long without telling any1 about this cos i thought people would think im a criminal, but its so good to know that people have been in the same situation, and people dont think im a criminal. iv neva done anything wrong in my life and they made me feel like the worst person in the world. they had me in tears. but now theyr acting like ther on my side, sayin i could tell u was genuine in the interviews, and theyv requested to their manager that they would rather it be settled out of court - theyr being nice as pie to be honest - which is good obv, but if they could tell in the interview that i was genuine then why put me thru the hell of it all. il never understand. this thing has completely taken over my life. just found out aswell that im pregnant, and im terrified theyl take all my money off me, when i have a new baby to cater for. nightmare. thanku so much tho xx
  3. hi aparantly it was my fault, he wa staying over quite alot, his stuff was still at his mums, but he was at mine quite alot. i was due to give birth, and then i went 2 weeks over due, and it all just went so fast. i dont think i did anything wrong but they do. im a good person and would never knowingly commit a crime. i got a letter yesterday saying i was overpaid income support of £867. im guessing that means i was over paid housing benefit too. im so worried. im scared about what might happen. i reckon in total it will be just less than £3000 if thats the case. what punishment do u think il get? x
  4. hi just to let u know that the investigator contacted us today, and said that wev been overpaid from 3/11/08 - 24/02/09 which i can cope with. they said it will now go to there manager who will decide whether to take further action. im still very worried about what might happen to me. i dont think iv been overpaid that much, and it wasnt intentional, and we would have been entitled to some housin benefit anyway as my partner was on a low wage. would they take that into account? what do u think they will do? i dont want to go in the local paper
  5. thanku all so much. u have no idea how much all of ur support means to me. i will keep people posted. thanks again. You're all fantastic people xxxx
  6. gaz what is mind? and thanku so much ibis. i actually dont know what i would have done without this forum. iv neva done anything bad in my life, i am actually one of the good ones. only bad things have happened to me. i do lay awake at night, i got thru days where im ok and then im not but i work full tym and i have 2 princesses so that kinda distracts me a bit. although there literally isnt a day that goes by where i dont think about this. its eatin me up inside. they just dont care about what theyr doing to me. espesh when theres people out there happily defrauding the system and not having a care in the world about what theyr doing. and the investigators do naff all to them. it stresses me out ( thanku so much to every1 for your responses though. it really does help. its nice to know people are on my side xxx
  7. thanku hun, its almost been a year since my 1st interview, iv had 2. i dnt know what to think now x
  8. thanx hun but i had my 1st interview feb 09. 2nd interview oct 09 and now its with the decision maker. i just dnt know what to think. what was ur outcome x
  9. hey guys, things seem to be getting on top of me greatly at the moment. i have just found out that im pregnant with my 3rd. my husband and i have been gettin on fantastic tho so thats a good thing, but i still havent heard anything from them, it been over 3 months since my 2nd interview. my hubby called the investigators today and they said its been with the decision maker for some time now. im soo worried, why have they not got back to me? whats taking so long. im just so worried about whats gonna happen. im so scared. i think the pregnancy hormones are probably making me worse, but im not sure i can take this any more. please help me.
  10. not sure bout the health visitor. i hope they did, i rly confided in her, she knew everything x
  11. hey people i still havent heard anything...... im gettin into a state again ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
  12. hey guys, i had my 2nd IUC today and my hubby had his 1st. the only new evidence they had were bank statements saying i liked to shop, but not very often, and 2 statements from my hubbys employers basically just sayin they assumed we were together, and another statement from someone else saying we seemed like a happy couple - baring in mind we were together and not claiming wen we met the person from the 3rd statement, so we were a happy couple at that point. they tried to twist things again, and wasnt acceptin my answers at 1st, but they concluded the interview by saying they would talk to hubby, phone my health visitor, as i gave them her number, as she was always round my house checking up on me, shel be able to confirm we wasnt together, then it will go straight to the decision maker who will decide how much benefit iv had. they said they'v calculated it to be between 5 and 10k (big jump though) i feel alot better as i dnt think the statements are really enough evidence in my eyes - although they could be in theres, im not sure. then they said that their boss will decide on punishment for me.... i still think this is unfair, they said that they would take in account my mental health, and the fact that i work full time, but my hubby still might get sumoned to court, depending on what might happen. this terrifies me, i jst want this to be over so i can move on and be happy. i still want help and advise. and to any1 who gives me it, thankyou, it is seriously much appreciated.
  13. well guys, its my interview tomorow, i will let you all know how i have got on, but i can predict it is going to be bad. thankyou for the support... seriously, you have all been great. x
  14. thankyou JD. its amazing to see so many people on my side. i am willing to take responsibility for the 2nd time i claimed as he was staying over loads after i had the baby, and i have told them this, but not the first time - i informed them when he moved in after a year of bein on my own, then i again informed them when my baby was 2 months old that he had moved in properley again. but they want to screw me 4 the whole time. rediculous. thankyou so much again.. i truly appreciate your time and help xxx
  15. thankyou KPRhero. i am taking a solicitor with me, but im just terrified. i know in the 1st interview that i stumbled and got confused, but they wouldnt understand that that was because i was alone in a room with 2 men who were clearly against me, scared. thanx for getting back to me
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