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  1. Acenden/SPML took us to court, the Solicitor (TLT) presented the wrong financial figures before Senior Judges, all the figures on statements was Not Accurate, the Judge looked at the warrant due to be executed with the unfair charges disguised as arrears and wrongly passed Judgement which resulted in a suspended repossession order, more unfair charges are then applied by Acenden/SPML, to include, unfair solicitors fees, court cost, unfair Arrears Management fees, unfair Litigation fees and the unfair charges disguised as arrears spirals out of control. today in 2015 Lee Brandon-Chief Executive For and on behalf of Southern Pacific Mortgages Limited signed on the 26th. June admitting this to the FCA. then it is abundantly clear. We were taken to court the particulars of the statements was wrong (Not Accurate) therefore we need to be paid back fully. An Application To Request That Requirements Are Imposed On Southern Pacific Mortgages Limited: means we are in a legal position to demand full REDRESS back by law; (We can do this together) GROUP CLASS ACTION do not settle for a pittance....some of us are still suffering financially after losing the family home and 'all' our life savings to Acenden/SPML. victory007
  2. Hi helpme23, I had the same letter Acenden/SPML redress for claiming unfair charges: £195.85p yet over time (years) they admitted to stealing over £14.000 from me, personally I consider this an insult, I believe we should 'all' fight this together as a group (Class Action) in 2015. consider me IN. victory007
  3. Fantastic maybe 'we' Acenden/SPML & Preferred Mortgages past and present customers should get together as one group to present our case and put an end to this financial abuse; (Class Action Lawsuit) together in 2015, victory007
  4. Hi Helpme23, Regarding Southern Pacific Mortgages/Acenden-Charges Refunded, I also received a letter they are only willing to refund a pittance back to me £196.57p....I consider this an insult because Acenden admitted in a recent statement they applied £13.000 of unfair charges to my Mortgage account, this Firm have no integrity and should compensate 'all' their customers fully, We are Encouraged to write in to the FCA if we are not happy with the Redress, my advise to you....send your letter of complaint as-soon-as-possible to TRACY Mc'DERMOTT, FCA Enforcement and Financial Crime Division thousands have already written in you are not alone, calculate the correct amount do not settle for an insult.... good luck victory007
  5. Hi Paulx037, I have been battling with Capstone/Acenden/SPML regarding unfair charges since 2008, 1st. July 2015 received a letter from Acenden/Southern Pacific Mortgages Limited, the letter Stated: Following a consultation and agreement with the Financial Conduct Authority they have decided to enter into a formal Scheme to pay redress to customers impacted by unfair fees and Charges on their account in the period between 1st. January 2009 and 31st.August 2012 , I was offered £196.57 , I refused to accept this pittance from Acenden/Southern Pacific Mortgages Limited I considered this an Insult because Southern Pacific Mortgages already stated they have applied £13.000 of unfair arrears fees in a statement this was then disguised as arrears and Presented to several District Judge over time this attracted more interest causing the debt to spiral, this Firm is having a laugh....my advice to every one who received a letter from Acenden,write a letter detailing This Firm's Failings which resulted in thousands of customers incurring excessive or unfair costs and Accruing arrears that could have been avoided had Southern Pacific Mortgages Limited adopted a more honest and Fair approach to arrears Management the FCA said we should write in to them if we are not satisfied with the Redress, we are encouraged to send our letters to:TRACY McDERMOTT, FCA Enforcement And Financial Crime Division, I have sent My letters of complaint already (send your letter in AS-SOON-AS-POSSIBLE). victory007.
  6. Hello Nicuro, My case goes back before 2010 so I have had a long history of suffering...like thousands of us we have been treated unfairly by Capstone/SPML who applied excessive charges disguised as arrears on our mortgage account, that is criminal but they are allowed to get away with fraud....Firms who failed in their obligations to customers should not only expect a huge fine, but they should pay us back 'the customers' who have been disadvantaged by their failings. this Firm Acenden/SPML is a million times worse than Gmac-RFC, DB mortgages, Kensington Mortgage, Redstone Mortgages. the FCA received complaints, Acenden/SPML have been reported but no enforcement action has been taken against Acenden/SPML. YET. I believe if we collect 1,000. signatures the FCA will take action against this firm. I am putting together a Face-book page so we can all meet together and support each other chat and help with information...in regards to payments keep all your receipts, do not communicate with them via phone... they will not speak the truth over the phone, and deny and twist the truth because they are evil...send every copy of document letters by recorded delivery...you will get out of this debt nightmare, we can escape from this nightmare. regarding your credit reference file you can get a copies of your file, tell them your lender failed to disclosed the facts that SEVERAL mistakes was made go ahead call the credit agencies and speak to them they will sort it out for you....Victory007
  7. Hi BC2002, Just a note of encouragement today from Victory007...DON'T GIVE UP........... it's a new day, 2015, a new season and a new way of getting our unfair charges back....Then we will 'all' be able to move on and put this terrible financial nightmare behind us....found Sarah's E-mail you can E-mail her, [email protected] Victory007
  8. Hi, regarding Acenden/SPML/Preferred Mortgages Ltd, I would be very interested in reading the sale agreements that was given to you by Lightfoot Solicitors. Victory007.
  9. Please E-mail [email protected] first of all I would just like to say...Unity is strength we can do this as a group....it will be more effective if we 'all' contact Sarah...however she already have information about Capstone/Acenden already...E-mail her and stir-up-the facts......lets expose them....Victory007
  10. Happy to help? send your complaint (all names will be protected) to: [email protected] lets fight this together to get our 'stolen' money back from these nasty evil thieves
  11. Hi BC2002, I found Sarah's details, this lady said she will definitely be willing to help us 'we' can E-mail her ASAP, [email protected] she is waiting to help. Victory007
  12. Ok there are thousands of us Consumers who grouped together to fight against evil, wicked Capstone/Acenden/SPML/Preferred Mortgages Ltd some have since lost their homes....some are still suffering were are they now??? are 'we' just Bloggers between ourselves talking about what actions we can take in 2015?.... Ok lets start up the Face-book group...I would love to see something positive come out of our Unity as a group who have suffered, I am all for it, lets fight to win in 2015, lets not wait for another six years to pass doing absolutely nothing.... Sarah the lady from ITN is still waiting..she has been waiting since 2010/11 to hear from us.........come on then....lets Go am all for it, and have sent in three separate letters already to the FCA complaining against Unfair treatment, reclaiming back unfair charges back from Acenden/SPML......hope they will sit up and take notice...by the way I received two separate replies at least they are reading the letters.....send in your letters ASAP while things are HOT..... Victory007
  13. Thank you CAG, Can you help us Organise This On-line Petition ASAP??
  14. I am disappointed and surprise at the low response to 'all' Capstone/Acenden/Southern Pacific Mortgages Ltd customers Past and present, I sent out an urgent call about all of us writing letters of complaint to the FCA together, Financial Conduct Authority 25, The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London E 14 5HS and regarding 'all' of us signing the Petitions, only three or four people responded, I have sent in my letters of complaint against Acenden/SPML already ( I could not wait), I have spoken to the FCA, the thing is the FCA never ever look at an individual complaint against a mortgage company, 'we' have to bombard the FCA with our Mortgage Torment from Acenden's Hell. 'we' need to speak out about the large repeated fees and unexplained charges applied to our monthly mortgage account especially to borrowers in arrears who had lost their jobs under stress and being bullied and harassed by a wicked evil mortgage lender Capstone/Acenden/SPML, they ended up in losing their homes because of unfair charges. 'we' need to provide information about the Lehman's founded subsidiary Southern Pacific. (what have we got to lose) we need to reclaim our unfair fees and charges back. together 'we' are stronger........................... victory007
  15. Acenden/Southern Pacific Mortgages Ltd/Preferred Mortgages has been brought out by Blackstone please read (TSSP ) and Blackstone an American Company to buy Acenden Mortgage from Lehman Brothers Administrators, sale took place early January 2015, what does this sale means for us (Long suffering Acenden/SPML customers??) we are 'not' sure because no one cared to address this issue in 2015; The FCA confirmed the sale today 20/02/2015. Jennifer Miles is the Manager of collections in Acenden High Wycombe perhaps we who still have a mortgage with SPML should 'all' phone her on 020-8-875-2076 and ask a few questions regarding certain mortgage arrears fees and charges, will it ever be refunded in full plus interest?? victory007
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