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  1. I know people criticise our site but I find it weird that you can apply for a loan via SMS. Maybe it is me but I am skeptical.
  2. I believe that you would need to look into this and prove this substantial though however There is no law that regulates the providing of a service where legally owned media via a client coming to a site and requiring said item for the purpose of owning a 'safekeeping' copy, CANNOT legally ask anyone to do so as long as there are ground rules and terms to which the backup can legally be produced. Again, someone needs to challenge this as at the moment - no one has I believe and the reason, why we have not been prosecuted I believe. I do not believe I have challenged anyone on
  3. We have to make it clear.. we do not sell any copyrighted material at all, as clients MUST already own the media they wish duplicated or serviced. I do agree, we need clarification on this - however, again, someone needs to look into this majorly to clarify 'the law' on backups and running a service as a duplication agent. At the moment, I do not believe we need a licence to do so but this remains to be tested.
  4. LOL! Many thanks for that - most appreciated. I have enjoyed tonight, I would rather have a sensible and balanced debate and it has been excellent mostly. I hope people understand, that while I have come across as a bit of a prat (lets be honest) I am protecting something which we work bloody hard for.. so if it is described as illegal, we get offended by that. I would NEVER work for a company that scammed or in any way, stole, committed illegal acts, or in any way, had a negative influence on the UK public. If we need to adjust the store slightly to acomodate more legal deta
  5. We do need to put more effort into advertising this fact on our site.. clearly we do and of course we shall. We would need to look into the ins and outs on the 'unopened' part however as we do not wish to make a loss on any product not being fit for purpose again.
  6. Then I believe the only thing missing on the site is the postal address and VAT details if these are applicable. The rest I believe we have covered on the site, but we are always open to improving at all times.
  7. Which we can assure you - we are looking into now. If this means a lot more to clients, of course we will do so. If it needs to be there, it will be added.
  8. The names were mentioned again mate. And that the site was illegal - when its not and cannot be proven
  9. I will be honest with you... PayPal are total 'Dick Turpins' but without the mask.
  10. I did have to have a few posts with personal information 'gromitted' but thats all - promise EDIT: Just to mention what is going on with Adobe as well by the way. I am trying to communicate with this person Chris Stickle but I am getting nowhere really.. I am asking WHY without consulting any legal advice, they can comment that our site is illegal? I find this a very honest and open question to ask and I am getting nowhere apart from the same comment over and over.. which leads me to believe that this person is NOT who they say they are.
  11. Sorry, I am trying to respond as fast as I can tonight on everything. We do provide an address to return items to which is the team in our returns department who check every item upon receipt back to us. Again, we are not uncontactable at all - we do not hold a PO Box as well at the moment but we are looking into this as this may be a more professional way of dealing with our clients we believe.
  12. And as I mentioned previously, I do not deal with financial matters or tax on the site. But, if we need to put these details on the site, we will look into it.
  13. As we did explain many times.. hello again by the way everyone The site is registered to the guy mentioned in other threads.. who is an individual and has NOTHING to do with XL anymore. However, as he owns the .co.uk - he is entitled 'quoted by Nominet employees' to have the WhoIs opt out as a UK individual (who is not legally linked with our site and service - this according to Nominet is acceptable) We do not trade on the .co.uk by the way - we trade from a hosted location in the US - our domain name, links us to the net.. nothing illegal in this. Nominet put the WhoIS opt
  14. Don't look at me -I was enjoying it as well Until we had the silliness again. We are quite willing to reply, but without the idiocy.
  15. I would have to look into why though... and the exact nature of the conviction. I do know that they are out of prison though and have appealed from what I hear but I really need to look more into this.
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