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  1. I am a customer of British Gas and have an online account. Recently as my existing deal was due to end I was searching their website to see what their best deal was. If you are an existing customer they give you a link to "Your Tariff Check" which shows what they call "YOUR TARIFF CHOICES". This lists a choice of just 2. First is their Standard Tariff which they call "OUR CHEAPEST DEAL" + another Fixed Price Tariff to 2016. However, if you look elsewhere on their website (not that easy to a computer novice) you can find other tariffs as well, and at least one is up to 15% cheaper than the
  2. So much for "cutting" bills!! I have just checked prices with British Gas (my current supplier) and the new "LOW" rates only apply to the price per kwh. In actual fact the standing charge has been INCREASED and not lowered! Basically, they have increased the DAILY standing charge and reduced the unit price by roughly the same percentage (about 4%). This makes hardly any difference at all and I compared my last quarter's Gas bill £240 for the quarter and guess what? At the new "lower" price I would save about 35p for the same consumption. This would make a yearly reduction of £1.40 which is a
  3. I am currently running Avast anti virus (the free version) which has been great and very easy to use but it expires in the next few days and I keep getting a "prompt" from Avast warning me that my current version is "obsolete" and giving me 2 alternatives. Option 1 is to renew the "free" version or Option 2 is to pay what they say is half price of about £26 giving a much better level of protection. As I'm unemployed and hard up I have to think long & hard before shelling out money and am wondering what to do. Being a relative novice on these matters I'd appreciate any helpful a
  4. I have been on their Websaver 1 tariff which ended on 31st March. Prior to this they sent me an email to warn me that after 31st March my account would revert to their Standard tariff. So I phoned them and was told I could switch to their Websaver 6 tariff which I did online and got an acknowledgement email on 29th March to tell me I was beong switched to Websaver 6. Yesterday 9th April I got an email from them to say my old tariff had ended and I had now been put on Standard tariff (much higher rates)!! I have phoned them but couldn't get anyone to speak to me other than to say they wil
  5. Thanks for such a clear explanation Buzby! Completely sets my mind at rest. Thanks very much:D
  6. Cheers Yorky - that's what I thought but wasn't sure. You've put my mind at rest - thanks a lot!!
  7. I subscribed to Talktalk in July 2008 on 18 month contract for 'phone & broadband "Talk Global Anytime" which has now expired, and they are now asking me if I would like to renew for a further 18 months and, if so, they'll offer me a "loyalty bonus". When they rang me it wasn't convenient for me to talk so they said they would ring me again to discuss details. Now I'm wondering if there is any onus on me to renew or can I just let things stay as they are. Apart from 1 issue with them on overcharging (resolved thanks to CAG!) I'm reasonably happy. Can I just leave things as they are without
  8. Thanks a lot slick132! I do appreciate your advice and will act on it. The trouble is these people trade on people's fears and probably exaggerate the dangers. Also many thanks for responding so quickly!
  9. Can anyone please advise me on whether or not it is worth paying out for Insurance against Identity Theft? I have recently cancelled my Barclaycards after 25+ years due to several issues/problems with them and have opened a new credit card account with Natwest where I bank. When validating the card over the 'phone I was offered this from an organisation called CPP (Card Protection Plan) as a safety feature at a cost of £79+ and said I'd consider it. I had been told in the conversation that I had a 14-day "cooling off" period during which I could cancel the protection with no cost. I was told t
  10. Congratulations! To say I am amazed would be an understatement but glad you got it sorted out so quickly. I was told by Age Concern that the time taken depended to a large extent on the area office handling your claim. The office which dealt with mine was in Leicester which I was told has one of the worst reputations for long delays. Every little helps in the situation you and I are both in. To be honest the Council Tax benefit I hadn't originally been aware of and it was a pleasant surprise to have that paid. I don't know if I mentioned it before but in November the "Savings Disregard" thresh
  11. Hi Raydetinu Yes - I did get my claim backdated - eventually!! When I claimed last year(July) the rule was that you could get claims backdated for 12 months but last October that was reduced to 3 months which I think is the case now. When you do get your claim finalised watch that your local council do apply the Council Tax credit as it should be automatic as soon as the Pension Service award comes through. However, in my case I sat back for a month expecting to hear from the council, which they are supposed to do, but heard nothing. I then 'phoned them and was told that until I advised them
  12. Had similar problem with them when paying by direct debit and ended up having to pay over £200 - it was very difficult to get any help at all. Left them about a year ago and went back to British Gas & been ok. Sorry I can't offer any helpful advice other than to ditch them when you can. Best of luck!
  13. I am in exactly the same position and know exactly where you are coming from! I don't think there is any way around it. Don't know if you realise it but even if you only get a reduced amount you should get ALL your Council Tax paid.Hope you have actually got your claim finally approved as I started my claim in July last year (2008) and it took until April 2009 before it was finalised - 9 months!! I had been told it could take up to 12 weeks when I started my claim so expected some decision by end Oct. Local Pension office handling my claim were useless and every time I 'phoned they just kept f
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