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  1. Hi every one,i had to threaten mbna with the onbudsman and they eventuly paid out for 12 payments,on the 3rd payment the the ppi payments where not added to the bill i was receiving every month,when i asked why they asked me to cancel the ppi acrude on the account.I said no incase my canceling the ppi payments might predudice my claim...any way the ppi monthly charge was never on another bill....have they pulled the plug so they could avoid the ''sunset payment ''that would have been due on the 12th payment??? Doe's anyone have a simaler experience to compare with??Is it worth persuing to try
  2. Hi Rav99 Just be careful mate,if you refuse to sign the ''Agreement''they will stop your claim and then they wont sign your ABI1 form,sign it but next to it write that you've signed it under ''Duress'' .How can it be an agreement if you dont agree with it?.The fact that you've signed it under duress mean's it becomes worthless.The insurance company will just refuse to pay out with out the abi1 forms,they can make you apply for the rubbish job's just agree with them and go and fail the intreview...also they cannot force you to take tempory job's....all the above is only what i have experienced
  3. Hi Ravi99 when your 6 month's of jsa run's out they still make you sign on so you can still get your ABI1 form filled in when you go.Good luck i hope your jcp office is better than mine.
  4. Hi all ive got a strange one as usual,im asking the jobcentre to fill in ABI1 forms for my credit cards,they wont fill em in when they are due and it makes the payments late to the card accounts.This causes the companys to bombard me with letters and phone calls,ive explained the job centres attidue to them but it cuts no ice.Why wont they fill them in when they are due? They say that they will only fill them in on my signing day[every two weeks]even though they have me signing every week?Im not in receipt of any payments from them as they ran out in march and i cant claim anything else cos
  5. thank's for your thought's peep's,ive got some reading to do hav'nt i..
  6. I've listed [1] builder's labourer [2] driver [3]production operative I now know that they cant force me to take a tempory job,but they may well try to foist one on me for the min wage,but if i take it i cant meet the bill's that the ppi's cover so im stuck....ive got an interview on the 31/03/10 so finger's crossed for that, if i get the job i shall be uncrossing my fingers and showing a couple of em to the job centre...onward's and upward's...
  7. Afternoon all,ive just had my 26 week interview at my local jobcentre,i was informed that i had to make a new agreement with them,when they told me that the terms of the agreement i was shocked that i had to accept ''No restrictions on type of work and national minimum wage applies''. I told the woman that i could'nt really agree to something i dont agree with and was told i had to accept this or my benefits would stop. My benefits stoped last week, thought she would know that but she did'nt.The big issue in all this is the fact that i have four c/card bill's being paid out on ppi's and the mo
  8. Hi all,just an update......St Andrews insurance have now accepted my claim and paid m.b.n.a what was due to them......Seem's that all the letter writing has paid off...thank you for the advice,i followed it and ive had the result i was after..........:-D:-D...Cheer's
  9. Just updating my position,mbna called me today and said that if i paid them £3.500 they would settle my £11.500 acount,seems a bit weired to me anyone one else had this?By the way i cant get my hand's on that much cash if i could i would'nt be in the position i find my self in today. I have sent all the extra paper work to their insurance company[st andrews]so they can further consider my rejected ppi claim,am i better firing all the paperwork onto the onbudsman and regiestering my complaint with them now or wait till i get a final letter from abbey and St Andrews??? Thank's in advance for
  10. Just an update,mbna have asked me to cancel the ppi insurance on my disputed account,if i do will they cease to deal with my complaint as i no longer have the insurance?
  11. Hi all,ive received a income-asset expenditure form from mbna.....do i fill it in?they have not aknowledged the letter i sent asking them to stop the interest and extra charges they are adding.Ive not heard anything from St Andrews either regarding my rejected unemployment claim.Do i start trying to claim back all the preimiums now?The collections agency[R.M.A] are still pestering me on the phone,i tell them that the case is subject to a dispute and that i'de rather deal with m.b.n.a. direct ,am i within my rights to do that?.......Sorry if i seem a bit thick but im really not use to all this.
  12. evening all....ive sent a letter to Abbey/mbna asking them to susspend all interest and charges to my account pending my complaint to thier insurance provider's.ive also sent a letter to St Andrews the insurance company and told that i dissagree with thier decision and that i would like them to reconsider their decision and if they dont i will be forwarding my complaint to the financial ombudsman for consideration. Doe's that sound o.k? Any tip's on dealing with these lot would be most welcome.
  13. Evening all.well today ive just received a letter from st andrews insurance the company that insures my m.b.n.a. abbey c.card.They say that a policy exclusion applies to my particular circumstances....help....Do i try to claim back my p,p,i.? what do i do now?,the vulchers are hovering any advice on how to hold em off would be most helpful...cheer's.
  14. Hi all the mbna card is the the only one as yet that have passed my account over to a collections agency,ive just opened another letter and the t.s.b have also passed my account[ c.card]over to thier collection department.The letter asked me to phone them if i could not make a payment[which i cant]which i have but i could not understand the woman on the phone,i think she wanted me to go through my income and out goings over the phone but to be honest i could'nt understand her at all,i asked her if the call was being recorded and she said yes so i stated for the record that her acent was to str
  15. Hi all just an update on my situation,ive sent all the relevent forms and proof that the insureres have asked for,but one has all ready refered me to a collection firm.Is this normal?has they have not even processed my claim yet and the firm is already threatening me with charges ? Any tought's you have would be most grateful..
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