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  1. Just rang mobile money today as they want me to re sign for the loan, spoke to the guy and asked if the bill of sale had been registered he said hed look,his reply " yes it has". I asked him what date it had been registered on his reply " you will have to pay £10 data protection access fee to know that" i said well you can show me on sat when i come in and his reply "it's still £10" If go in on sat and refuse to sign again unless they show me the bill of sale do i have any legal rights to see it or do i have to pay £10. If the bill of sale was correctly registered in time you would
  2. Can you post the link to this so we could all have a look please!!! Well done by the way... UKD. The Office of Fair Trading: Log Book Loans This is the link to the OFT report from 2006. MM still have all these clauses in their bill of sale. Do you think this is a good reason to get the BOS written off?
  3. Thanks for the reply, The loan was for £800 and i have paid about £1600 back, they want me to re sign the loan as the 6 months are up i cant afford to pay them the £680 to clear the loan but if the bill of sale is unenforcable i can pay them back what i can without worrying about my car. Had a look on the oft website and log book loans were told to remove certain clauses from their bills of sale mobile money still have these clauses in, will this help if i go to court to contest the bill of sale?
  4. Thanks vikiejane i might have to call a soliciter to find out where i stand
  5. Hi all I'm new on here so firstly ill say hello, I have a loan with mobile money (stupid but at the time i was desparate) I have been looking at the Terms & Conditions on the credit agreement and in the small print it says that They have the right to break into garages and out buildings on my property that they think the car might be in. Is this legal and can the ageement be chalenged on this point. Also just noticed that the person who works in the office and gave me the money has signed the credit agreement and the bill of sale as a witness, can this person legaly sign the bill o
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