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  1. I have spoken to them again today regarding point (3) and they have said that no new contract was signed and no attempt was made to make me aware of the changes regarding the sub 60 second phone call charging but when I upgraded my plan in May 2008 I agreed to these changes. I asked how I agreed to them if I wasn't made aware of them to which they couldn't answer. It is clear I am getting nowhere with this and thinking it might be easier to cancel the direct debit and fight whatever action they take against that.
  2. (1) I am a long term 3 customer, been with them 2 years+. Contract came up for renewal and agreed to 300 texts or minutes "Mix and Match" at £12 a month plus a new phone. Got my bill and the plan they have put me on is 50 text + 150 minutes. First month I used 130 texts and 48 minutes so was charged accordingly. I rang them up to dispute the plan they have put me on and they have point blank refused to help in any way whatsoever. (2) The phone I got when I went onto the new plan was a Nokia 6500 slide. It is AWFUL, I get no reception at home or work and only few places
  3. can you copy what you wrote here? ive sent two letters and made countless phonecalls and they are insisting a fee is to be paid. i musnt be wording it right. my 30 days are nearing their end!
  4. I am starting to wish I had just ignored these two hats. Once I entered into communication they are phoning and writing at least once a week. They have yet to prove to me that it was my car that was in the car park and that it was me who parked it there. They have sent me a doctored ticket 4 times in the post. Threatened court action within the next 7 days for the past 6 weeks and sent two letters threatening a door stop call to arrange collection. I have told them that I will not be paying a penny and that I want them to take me to court and still nothing. Lying, cheating scumbags. Don
  5. To anyone who is receiving these letters please don't stress or worry about them they clearly are a novice outfit. If you don't know what to do reply here and a letter will be drafted for you. If anyone does actually get taken to court by them I will be absolutely astonished. Whatever you do, don't phone them and don't give them any money! Their letters could as easily go ignored but you are better to do your best to resolve it and keep yourself in the clear. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!
  6. I have now fired off 3 letters to these losers trying to initiate some sort of attempt to resolve this and they are just sending off template letter time and again. I doubt if they actually have any staff or a computer spitting out sobby grovelling letters every 60 days. My last letter to them basically says I have done my utmost to get to the bottom of this and you failed to enter into meaningfull communication, please take me to court and i shall countersue for for undue stress and damages, reported to oft, any further communication considered harrassment. Up yours, Spuzzcake
  7. That is disgusting! If anybody else reads this - DO NOT PHONE THEM! EVERYTHING is in writing. There is absolutely nothing to gain from phoning them only adding to your phone bill. The ticket in question was issued unlawfully, it has then been bought by a DCA who are now trying to collect the debt unlawfully. Send them this letter: Dear Sirs, Re: Your letter dated [dd/mmmm/yyyy] Reference[#] Unless you provide evidence to substantiate your claim against me I shall be unable to assist you further in this matter. In the meantime I absolutely deny your claim
  8. I am going to be sending a letter saying I am unable to help unless they substantiate their claim with evidence. I wouldn't phone them again it was probably a quid a minute!
  9. I really do not think ignoring it is the right thing to do. I need to dispute this and get it resolved but need to know the correct course of action and who to correspond with.
  10. Hello all, I received a letter today from Credit Resource Solutions acting on behalf of BPM Ground Services Ltd collecting a debt of £75.00 relating to a parking charge. This is the first communication I have received relating to the incident with no initial letter from BPM Ground Services. I have not been given a chance to deny the alleged charge and it's gone straight to a debt collection agency?! Do I state that the debt is in dispute, refer to client? State my case to the DCA? It's a very templatey looking letter with an 08707 number to call with your credit card ready threatening
  11. Probably just as effective but doesn't leave much of a paper trail should it go to court!
  12. Hello Darren, I was in a similar situation with PayPal. Someone used PayPal to pay for goods and fraudullently claimed back the money. PayPal ignored my comments on the dispute and awarded in the buyers favour. This left me with a negative balance of close to £300 which was shortly past on to Robinson, Way and Company. Now starts the onslaught of telephone calls and letters. To stop the phone calls use this letter, Your address Robinson, Way & Company Limited London Scottish House Quays Reach Carolina way Salford M50 2ZY todays date
  13. I am doing all I can to contact the person but in the meantime I want to find out how they can let me access the funds and then a day later take them back! I have read through all the T & C's but there is nothing about reclaiming a cheque like this...
  14. I have been told it's not being represented but will be sent to my home address "REFER TO DRAWER" Is there anything I can do at all with RBOS. Surely they are in the wrong letting me access the money then taking it back!
  15. The cheque was a personal cheque. I don't know the person who sent it. I paid it in on Monday at 9am. It was sent from an HBOS customer. The bank did not tell me why it had not cleared but can only presume insufficient funds. They won't put him £500 over his limit but they will do it to me! I have written a letter to HBOS to pass on to the person who sent me the cheque.
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