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  1. Just had a look now and it seems there is one!! It was sent to my old address.
  2. I know this thread is a few months old but I have had emails from this company. They keep telling me to phone them but I have said I want to deal in writing. They say I have CCJ but dont know who it is with and have never received anything in post. This is the last email from them: From: Enforcement Team | TM Legal Services To: Lolly68 Sent: Friday, 29 September 2017, 09:01:07 BST Subject: TM Legal Services - Attachment of Earnings - Ref: L Dear Lolly68 Agreement Number: LS Outstanding Balance: £ Following our recent letter, you have f
  3. If anyone can help would be very much appreciated. Back in 2008 I took a £10,000 loan out with Paragon Personal Finance. I got myself into financial difficulties over the years (due to redundancy back in 2010 and my father being poorly and dying in 2013) and have just sold my property exchanging today with completion set for the 17th. The charges I am facing are as follows: Current Balance: £9,784.57 Arrears Balance: £3,014.53 Fee Balance: £2,006.21 I have noticed on their statement of charges (attached) that they are charging me interest on arrears, inter
  4. I haven't heard from them since April last year. Think will have to let car go. I haven't received any notice from the bailiff though that they have my car am I meant to?
  5. No. Phoned bailiff they want £704.50. They will hold it for five days at £24 per day then sell it at auction
  6. The bailiffs refused. When they first put note through my door phoned them said I wasn't working and begged them to let me pay monthly. They said no
  7. I didn't ignore . Tried to pay in instalments . They refused this . I will phone them in morn. X
  8. Hi, can anyone help me. I owe two PCNs due to redundancy and unemployment could not pay. Now working offered them a monthly payment they wouldn't accept. Parked my car near a station today came home and car been seized. Phoned police they said that it had been seized by merton baiffs. Phoned them but not open until tomorrow morning. Beside myself. What happens now? how much do you think it will take to get car back?
  9. Thank you for your help! The bailiff even phoned me and wanted to see how I got on. She was so lovely. The judge I think had already made the decision before I got in there x
  10. Not if I can help it! I am going to apply to the ombudsman get all default charges removed.
  11. Last week I would have said I dont know but I am sure you will be fine. I owed £4400 and yours is much less. Who is your mortgage company?
  12. Just got back from court and it was ok. So dont be worried. If you have offered to pay the Judge will I am sure do exactly what my Judge did this morning. Good luck.
  13. Hello all - I won! Was in there all of 5 mins. The Judge told the mortgage rep off and said it was disgusting to put me through this as I just started new job! We talked about the mortgage payment being due tomorrow and I said I cant pay until 25 th when I get paid. Judge said that he cant order to change payment date but I have to pay £200 tomorrow. My Mum is going to lend me the money. Thank you all for your wonder advice and support. I am at work now so better crack on.
  14. Thank you - everyone has been so kind on here. My eviction is meant to be 10am the next day! I have done nothing if I do get evicted... not packed or arranged anything!
  15. Ellen - thank you so much that is perfect. I will let you know the outcome on Wednesday. Thank you once again x
  16. Ellen, Yes mortgage in my name. My ex (my daughter's father) did put down £60,000 for us to live there when we split up. I have not told him about this eviction as he will go bloody mad - he will probably go even more so if it does not go my way but I just want to deal with this on my own. He hasnt got the cash anyways at the moment. The SPO in January was arrears again (they were only £1700 then though) as I was not working the year before but it all went pear shaped when my contract ended on 16 April and my father passed away on 25 April. It took me a few months to get back on
  17. Thank you. I will let you know the outcome. My Motheris going to come with me as moral support.
  18. Thank you for your support. Feel so alone at the moment just want it over and done with
  19. Thank you ukaviator. I am trying to stay positive lets hope I have a fair judge.
  20. Thank you northern bloke!! Was that with an SPA already in place? Have defaulted on it you see just so worried I won't get another chance
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