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  1. Ah ok, great thanks! It was just a bit confusing as the first amount was over £3000 and the second over £800 so I wasn't sure which was which or even if they were different amounts!
  2. So what do I do if they claim I made a payment in the last 6 years? Which I obviously didn't as I was in Ireland lol!!! Or should I just wait and see if the letter works???? Also, I have 2 different letters with 2 different amounts owed but the same reference number on, what the heck is that all about???
  3. OK I'll write it out for both debts they claim I owe and send both by recorded signed for delivery tomorrow... is that ok? Recorded Signed for 1st Class? What would happen if I called them and stated that the debts are both Stat Barred? Woudl they be able to do anything then or could I simply follow that up with the letters? Or should I just send the letters and leave it at that? Sorry to be a pain here, I'm SO worried about this, we just moved here and just had a baby and really don't need this crap!
  4. My dad just called me, he lives up the road from me, he said that someone from CapQuest called there looking for me and he told them that I don't live there anymore, he also gave them my home number, however, this was abotu 10 mins ago, the phoen call I got was over an hour ago... what the heck is going on? Can anyone advise me on what to do next, am I likely to get debt collectors on my doorstep now??? Will they take property??? CAN they take property? I really don't know what to do now...!
  5. Ok that helps put my mind at rest a bit! Thanks!
  6. I actually only returned one letter as not known at this address in the hope they would clear off but this whole thing started when we moved here in March, went to Abbey National and applied for a bank account, annoyingly I had forgotten about this particular debt/s and they then had my information, are they likely to have used my phone number from the original application? I know I gave them my mobile number to use int he application but I can't remember if they took my landline number as well, I'm not sure...
  7. Regarding this, I sent a letter back to them last week as 'not known at this address', we just had a phone call which my partner answered, asking for Miss Jones, when my partner passed the phone over and I answered hello, the line went dead. What are the chances that this was the collection agency checking to see if I actually did live here? I dialled 1471 but the number was unknown... Can anyone help? Thanks!
  8. Ok thank you all for your help, I will send the letter twice to the same company, just to be sure though, the fact that they mention this year in the letters doesn't mean that the debt has been reopened does it? Also, how do I know that they haven't made a written acknowledgement of the debt while I was in Ireland at an old address or something?
  9. So basically, sending this letter to them for the debts they say I owe (there are actually 2, both from Abbey National), will make them close the matter and take no action? What would happen if I just ignored the letters completely? Would they stop sending them? I just don't want to get into trouble by sending them if I can ignore them... Also, they all mention the fact that the accounts were outstanding as of the ** May 2009, does this mean that they reopened the accounts? Or again, are they chancing their arms?
  10. Oh also, my girlfriend was going to call them to say that I wasn't here and that I had moved back to Ireland after we broke up but we haven't done that yet as I was concerned that they would keep calling the number that we called them on to try to catch us out... Any ideas?
  11. Hi all I have recently moved back to the UK after living in Ireland for almost 10 years. When I moved back I went to Abbey National to open a bank account with them, I used to have an account with them years ago, about 12 years or so ago. They said they could not offer me an account at that time because of debt that I was in with them, they said I had credit card and loan debts with them from 10-12 years previous. I didn't remember having these accounts but perhaps I did as I was a little careless with money when I was younger to be honest! However, I left Abbey National and w
  12. Hi, thanks, I got hold of him and he was actually quite pleasant! Turned out to be a small debt of €90 that I owed on my old car insurance from Ireland that I knew nothing about, I told him I had to wait to be paid next week and he could have it then and he went away happy... Sometimes there is a silver lining lol!
  13. Hi all, I don't know if anyone can help me just yet but I was just curious. I recently moved from Ireland back to the UK and today I received a message from my best friend who moved into our old house after we left. She said that a man had called looking for me, said he was from TNC Legal Services in Glasgow and was she my sister, she said no she was my best friend and he replied that he couldn't say anymore, gave her his number and told her to get me to call him. I did this but he was out to lunch, I asked what on earth this could be about as I know they do debt collecting bu
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