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  1. Hello once again. After 2 months of brake they have phoned me once again. From number 0 1412 283196, wanted me to contact them back very urgently, and gave reference number. Countcil tax is paid and i have received information that they did not call any debt collecting agency yet. Welsh water is paid. I contacted DVLA and have car certificate for proper address. In the meantime i was thinking hard what could be reason. I have found something. It might be churchill car insurance. 1. I have car insurance from april 2008 to april 2009, i was very high and taked by
  2. Thank you all for reply and advices. I really appreciate it. Really appreciate means really appreciate, it is not only being nice. Please keep this post without bad words, i would like to receive answers helping my humble person. Such words will not help me, they would only make this post closer to the bin. Are there any other methods to get know whom i am owing money? Should i go to solicitor? How should i widthaw such information from Virgin Media if they hit AIC or not? I have received e-mail from Council Tax section that they were going to sent me reminding letter at
  3. Thank you. What if they dont know my current address? What they can do to me in worst case? How should i let them know my real current address?
  4. Hello I am very young person from continental Europe. So please be patient, and i am sorry if braking any rules here on forum. I have received couple of calls from AIC company. All of them on voice mail. They have given phone number, under which should i call back, some reference number, and contact to MR Bluma. I have called them back. No very nice lady asked my personal details: reference number, name, surname, address. I have told no way as i don't know name of company. She was pressing harder to receive my details. I was pressing as well. She told AIC Allied International Cr
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