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  1. I have now received a letter from Drydensfairfax informing me that they have now discussed my Defence with their client and have enclosed the same statement that I have had before. They imply that my defence is that the debt is statute barred but in fact that is not what I stated in my defence. I had previously received a statement showing the last payment was made in June 2011 so I did not use the statute barred for my defence. However they now say they will apply to the court to have the stay lifted and progress the legal action. Should I just ignore this letter?
  2. Thank you very much for all the excellent help.
  3. Well it's well passed 33 days now, so should I expect to hear anything further. I have checked MCOL and nothing further has been added since my defence. what does autostayed mean? Many thanks
  4. As I understand it CapQuest or Drydens have to reply to my defence within 33 days, is this correct? If so, then the time limit has passed, so what happens now. I have checked on MCOL and no additions have been made since my defence.
  5. So, since CapQuest have sent me the statement with the last payment 02/2009 as part of my CCA request is this debt statue barred, and if so can they proceed in court.
  6. cq statement 2011.pdf this is the statement received from CapQuest sometime back in 2011. the only statements I have had since show that the last payment was 02/2009.
  7. Apologies, the V number on T&C1 is v6# and on T&C2 is v12b#.
  8. The attachments show the T&C's received from CapQuest and the Application form in response to my request for CCA details. I have also scanned a letter received from DrydensFairfax in response to the CPR request. Not sure how to progress from here. . Many thanks T+C v#12b.pdf CCA+Letter.pdf T+C v# unknown.pdf statements.pdf
  9. I think this statement was sent by CapQuest in 2011. It is just a listing of dates and the amount paid by direct debit. No ref numbers but final payment on 17/11/2010. Not the same as the statement I have uploaded, which is a more detailed transaction statement and shows the last payment in was made in 2009. Oddly enough the statement listing DD,s is on 3 pages and the first page ends with 02/01/09 £72.00 paid which coincides with the date on the typed up copy statement uploaded above. Perhaps they "lost" pages 2 and 3 Hope this all makes sen
  10. At some time in 2011 I received a Statement of Account which listed payments only and showed payment of£21 per month from 17/02/09 until 02/06/11. However on the latest statement received from CapQuest the payments seem to stop in 2009, so the two statements don't tally.
  11. I have received a letter from Capquest with a photocopy of what I assume is the original application form, together with a typed up list of terms and conditions. Also attached is a statement, (27 pages) again typed up, not printed out from the bank. Mid way through this statement one of the items listed is as follows: Statement Date: 04/09/2007 Minimum Payment Due: £2,949.09 Credit Limit: £2,800.00 New Balance: £2,949.09 Transaction Date Details Paid-In
  12. Thanks - defence now filed. What happens next, should I expect to hear something from the Court or CapQuest?
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