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  1. Yes, I am confused as to the next step .I will copy out the 'doorstep' template so she can use it if need be but she really wants to put something in writing that will make them foxtrot... Seems like the OR is the best bet...am I right ? I have to go away again for a few days soon and am hoping that there will be no episodes.
  2. To answer two in one,yes there was PPI (though I have no idea of the amount) and yes,the whole debt has fallen to me.I guess that since I have already CCA'd them and they are now off my back ,then they thought it would be a good idea to scare my wife. As I said earlier,it's the thought of someone coming to the door when I'm not around that makes her so nervous.Does she really need to CCA if she is no longer liable ? What would be the next step ? Thanks for your answers so far....
  3. We took out a loan together and her part of the debt was included in her bankruptcy.I agreed to take it on and paid Debt Managers monthly for four years till I found this forum. Since then it has gone to Call Serve, Westcot and now Credit Security. Up until recently Westcot were calling me on a daily basis,asking for her.They suddenly stopped,and then the letter from Credit Security.Sorry to be so vague earlier...
  4. Away working last week and Credit Security sent my wife a letter threatening a doorstep visit and/or court proceedings. Calmer now but still really scared of a doorstep visit,especially when I'm not around. They are only after her as I CCA'd them a month or so ago. She declared bankruptcy in 2005 so should she just ignore them or is it worth her sending a CCA and then expect the same from another DCA in a few months time? Does anyone know how it works as we want to put an end to any correspondence related to her. Hope someone can help us on this. Thanks
  5. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the first of many..... Wescot 'have been instructed by our client' to collect the outstanding balance etc Milady wanted to call them and tell them where to put it,until I told her the golden rule. Would it be a good idea for her to send them a letter with her bankruptcy number. Or is there another way of stopping them sending her letters...they obviously haven't done their homework. Hoping someone can help....thanks
  6. THis is what I was hoping to hear.. Thanks for your info.Think I shall be ignoring future letters from them addressed to my lady....showed her the replies and she is blowing kisses at the screen...
  7. The first letter arrived the other day,addressed to my wife. Address verification or something along those lines.'If we do not hear from you by....we will assume the contact information is correct ' ! I 'm waiting for the first of many...
  8. Thought I'd try this as no one replied to my last thread... Westcot are calling me every day asking to speak to my wife. That I can handle,knowing what I know now through this forum. She was declared bankrupt (IVA) four years ago and discharged a year after that for 'good behaviour' I have paid Debt Managers for those four years until I CCA'd them(via Call Serve),and they closed their account. A welcome relief for me to have 3 months off the payments...but My question is...Can they legally go after my wife even if she was made bankrupt and I agreed to pay the debt on the loan that we took out together. If not,can anyone tell me what my best course of action is...Thanks
  9. Hi All Firstly a big thank you to those who helped me on this forum. After sending Credit security/Call Serve a CCA they stopped pursuing me.Two weeks back I had a letter from Debt Managers saying that they too had 'closed my account' Brilliiant. Now I have Westcot calling me and asking to speak to my wife.Obviously,they will never be speaking to her but a letter arrived today addressed to her that I think is from them. We took out the original loan together with Barclays and because she took an IVA, I paid Debt Managers after we defaulted on the loan. She was discharged fom her IVA after a year as she was making payments on everything right up to the last minute.This was four years ago. Strange that Westcot are calling me but not asking me to pay them . Can they legally pursue my wife for the outstanding amount? I told her about the phone calls and she's getting stressed again . If the letter is from them then would a CCA do the trick? I really want to avoid a repeat of the bad times four years ago....hope someone can help me with this
  10. Thanks once again Mike.....cant seem to find the 'account in dispute' template though.Anyone tell me where it is ?
  11. Posted off my cca request to Credit Security and today received this reply from Call Serve.... We acknowledge receipt of your undated letter which has been forwarded for our clients attention. Please note all correspondence relating your request for a cca should be addressed to our client direct: DM Ltd etc We trust we have clarified the position and look forward to receiving payment in accordance with the agreed terms. Have I blown it by not dating the letter although I have the receipt for recorded delivery ? Are they acknowledging that they are not legally allowed to collect this debt by forwarding to Debt Managers ? I have not paid them for the last month as I wanted to find out who they were...the next payment is due soon. Should I continue to pay or wait till I know who can collect it ? Thanks again to mike and berry for the earlier advice..
  12. Thanks so much for the feed back...letter going in the post in the morning. A couple more questions... Do I have to specify 'proof of assignment' or would that come under the 'together with any other documentation the Act requires you to provide' part of the template letter ? Print name but not sign it on the letter ? Where on the site do I find info on the 12 +2 once the letter is sent ? Just covering my bases here !
  13. Hi all...Apologies up front if I'm in the wrong place. This is my first post and my computer knowledge is on par with my knowledge of navigation around this site. A quick history.. Default on loan with Barclays £15000 in 2005 Payments to DM Ltd up to date Letter from Call Serve-pay within 7 days Call from Credit Solutions saying they now manage the debt Next payment witheld since 12 days-no harassing phone calls or letters I have made one payment but after looking in here I am wondering who exactly owns the debt as I have nothing in writing. Sound familiar ? Where do I go from here ? CCA request to Barclays ? Hope someone can give me some advice.Thanks
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