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  1. Hi Moody Not sure about all your questions, but I have had quite a few dealings with Scott and Co. They definately arrest wages, had that one done, that made life very difficult. They did however agree to take £30 per month from me for a rather large debt. I would try to stick with the £75. They haven't done anything else yet and I have been in dealings with them for years. (Council tax always seems less important than other stuff) Karen
  2. Hi there I agree about the donating, and having received half of my first claim would love to donate, however bank wouldn't dream of giving me a switch/credit card, so I am dealing in cash only now. Is there an account number we could pay into say at a post office? Karen
  3. Hi Arthur I am just about to put in the forms to the court, (after receiving half the amount) and I have not been asked for £10 from the bank anywhere in this process. Although the fact I had closed my account a while ago might have something to do with it. I personally wouldn't be paying them, however if you want to be sure, you could always pay them and claim it back! Best of luck Karen
  4. Posted letter to bank yesterday evening saying thanks very much, I accept this as part payment. Please refer to previous correspondence as to my intentions. Will start small claim tomorrow for other half of claim. wish me luck.
  5. :) :) :) Happy Happy Happy Happy!!!!!!!! Cheque received this morning for £371.03 - How happy am I. Obviously letter with it advising full and final settlement etc, so will reply to advise I would like the other half. Still will go through to Perth court to start claim, but how ironic is it to pay for claim with money from the bank. What can I say, thank goodness for this site, I don't expect there will be much work done today. Karen
  6. I am sure I will soon be cross eyed!, however at least I should be able to afford new glasses. Letter back to say they are looking into situation and will get back to me in 4 weeks. Unfortunately for them, 14 days runs out tomorrow. I have read the small claims stuff and will be on the steps of the court tomorrow, money in hand to start proceedings. I even have my power suit looked out, so I at least look like I know what I'm doing. Unless of course a cheque arrives on my doormat today or tomorrow, funnily enough I don't think I'll hold my breath. I'll keep you posted
  7. Hi Kaley If you check out the forums, there is a thread for Yorkshire and Clydesdale successes. I have to say it certainly made me more determined. I am against the Clydesdale at the moment, and have received a number of letters telling me they are not going to refund etc probably the same as yours. However barring a cheque sitting on my doormat today (which I don't think will appear!) I will be walking into the court tomorrow to start proceedings. I have to say although scared, the fact they have the cheek to have taken my money and are arguing about giving it back means the determination beats the fear. Hope this helps Karen
  8. Hi all, just thought I would let you know that on speaking to a work colleague who had requested copy statements from BOS, on receiving them, there were charges omitted. This she knows as she has some of the originals. I advised her to register here as soon as she got home tonight. Hope this is helpful
  9. Ok timeline has gone wonky, lba did not get posted to branch until Tues 12 September. Hopefully I should have a reply soon or will be trotting down to court with papers in hand. I do have to say though, quite weird to be posting lba to branch in one hand, and receiving threatening letters re same account with other. However have been on dca forum and am just about to get £1 postal orders and start that also. Am now back on track with my BAG head on and will not cease till I get some money back!
  10. Wow! That was quick, I only put the letter through the door of the branch on Thursday. Today I received the first go away letter with the terms and conditions etc. Now have LBA and this will go to branch tonight.
  11. Hi Deemac Not sure if this is any use to you, but I have just been reading the thread on Debt Collection Agencies in the General area. This has a letter to send with a £1 postal order to the companies, that if they don't reply within the specified time range, you can stop paying, and they should provide you with details of the account, and if it was sold on etc. Sorry if I don't make much sense, it was a long post, and I will have to go over it again, just don't have time now. Hope this helps :-|
  12. Hi Jason Good luck with your claim, although I am going through the small claims route, if you check out my thread, it may give you a timescale idea. I started just when Jmio and others had managed to get Clydesdale to send out statements, so should hopefully be similar for you. Best of luck
  13. Well, I sat yesterday in the coolness of my house, and totalled up my charges. It only took me to 2003 to make the first £742. I made a schedule of charges with dates, description and amounts, and also got the prelim letter. This has been posted through the banks door, and they will have received this in the branch this morning. I am sooo looking forward to this now, it feels so good to be making a stand after all the misery they have caused me:razz:
  14. Hi Nicola Not particularly law qualified person, but reading the letter, they seem to be saying that they are huffing that the claim they settled was not for full settlement, and now they will defend any further claims. The way I see it, you got a free ride on the first claim, and now you are claiming the rest of your charges the same as everyone else. If they choose to defend this time, as opposed to settling, then so be it. As for the abuse of court time, it sounds as if she is just looking to make you feel as if you cannot go through the small claims court. I would say this letter is just an attempt to make you feel that you will be beaten in court if you try to claim any more - well so far that hasn't happened to anyone I've read about on the forum so why not give it a try! - Hope this helps, but as I say I am not qualified, just had a lot of these type of letters.
  15. Well after what seemed forever, I have now received my copy statements. I have started going through them, and have reached my first £750 within 2 years, and I thought that was when I was being good. I dread to think what the more recent ones will show. About to send off my prelim letter, but as per others experiences, I am expecting very little. Best of luck to us all:)
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