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  1. Can i just ask, someone may know, but if the bailiff did get your work details from the council, are the council ALLOWED to give your work details to the bailiff.
  2. Had a response from Rossendales, not the one i was expecting, it says: "We acknowledge receipt of your complaint and will conduct an investigation into your concerns. We endeavor to respond to complaints within ten working days. However if this is not possible we will write to you and advise you accordingly." Has anyone else had this response, if so where do they/i go from here?.
  3. OMG, cheeky gets, i have just worked out where they get £78.50 from: £24.50 = First visit £10.00 = Walking possesion £44.00 = Levy But the best of it is they have not been in my house, not done walking possession and to my knowledge (unless done on the car) no levy has taking place (obviously because no W/P done. CHEEKY GETS
  4. Yes sorry Happy i meant breakdown, they only delivered one letter by hand and one letter by post, so i guess £24.50 is correct, although they may have levied on the car, but wouldn't they have to tell me this on a levy letter or something.
  5. Thankyou for the above letter, i will wait for the screenshot and details letter (if it comes), and then send the above. (i hope its not going to far). With regards to the levy fee and van fee, i am not sure how they are working it out, the actual amout outstanding is £326.31 and they are asking for £404.81 so that is a difference of £78.50 and i don't have a clue how they can ask for that. I don't fully understand their fee's, and how they came to that figure.
  6. Ok here's an update, i sent the "give me a breakdown" letter on Sat, and got a letter back from them today (but it was dated 13th, so they may not have got my letter by then) the letter say's... "Your debt has been passed to us by the above client, and we intend to recover this debt immediately. You can avoid this being passed back to our client for consideration to apply for your COMMITTAL to PRISON." They are now asking for £404.81 not £504.17 and they have also cut me off from looking at my account on their system. I really don't know where i go from here, should i just wa
  7. Yes thanks sean i have fully comp insurance on the car which states for business use as i travel between several clients in one day. I agree Jach the people have been very helpful and empowering and so far have taken everything on board to what has been said.
  8. Thanks Jach, would asking for a screenshot of the account come under data protection. Or would it be prudent to send SAR anyway to Rossendales.
  9. Will Rossendales send everything regarding all info they have on us, or is this just to ask for this account fee breakdown. I thank everyone who has posted a reply, i almost hope they put up some kind of fight.
  10. Cheers slim, i am writing a breakdown of cost letter tonight when i have a bit more peace, but i was also thinking of sending SAR (purely because i don't know exactly how much has been paid to them) for all details held about us for the last 6 years (i know the records don't go back that far but i know that is what i can ask upto) i just have no idea how to write that because all the SAR's i have come across have all been geared towards bank charges or CCA.
  11. I have spoken to a nice lady at the C/T office and have explained the situation, she informed me that Rossendales have 2 liability orders one for 08/09 which = £326.31 and one for 09/10 which = £177.86 the total being £504.17 (Rossendales trying to ask for £514.81), but here is the strange thing, a bailiff came to the house on 22nd of sept and said we owed C/T of 177.86 plus fees which was their total of £205.86, we paid this in two parts and have kept both receipts one of which says balance owing - NIL, but neither receipt reference refer to any documentation that we have. Now that means to m
  12. Ok will take them out of the car, have been trying to get through to the council to ask them for the actual owed amount but no luck just says operators are busy, will have to go by the original amount of C/T owed which is £482.18, and write to Rossendales asking for a full breakdown of C/T and fees. Have just found this - "Are there any goods that the bailiff cannot seize? Bailiffs (except bailiffs acting on behalf of the magistrate's court - see below) cannot seize the following goods: tools, goods, vehicles and other items of equipment necessary
  13. Thanks k1mmie, i can prove it's not mine as the car docs with my fathers name on it as the owner is in the glove box, i also use this car for work and i have business insurance as well as personal, which is stated on the insurance cert. I am gunna draft a letter for breakdown of charges which include the C/T as well as what fees have been added, and also ask why there is a discrepancy in pounds between their website and there liability order. BTW does anyone have the e-mail addy for Rossendales as i can't find it anywhere. thanks
  14. Cheers spit, i was looking for clarification because he turned up in a van and the removal form says "I have attended today with the intention of removing your goods and chattels as are necessary to discharge the above debt and any additional enforcement costs incurred" it also says "I will re-attend your address at my convenience and may remove goods even in your absence"
  15. Would e-mailing them suffice, i don't have access to a printer and my hand writing is crap to say the least, as requesting a breakdown i understand i don't have to pay for. I noticed that the difference you worked out was £110, that worries me as when reading through other posts that is a fee for van attendance (is that correct) but i have had no levy (WP) of my knowledge (may have done on the car but nothing given to us), would they have done this (added van fee, as he turned up in a large mpv that looked like a van).
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