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  1. A simple acid test would be to multiple the number of interventions by the time needed and see if it adds up. I would guess that at the rate quoted and time taken they would need millions of staff doing the same job. Poor Emma could only do 5 jobs a day? Yer right.

  2. One point I have on this and it's just a thought. If they do cancel then surely the consumer credit act no longer applies and it becomes civil debt. If you then rigth back offer a reasonable repayment plan then they should accept (unless they think a Court will award more). However they cannot charge high interest rate just normal 8% etc ? Much cheaper way to pay back the money.


    Just a thought!

  3. Can someone advise. Had a response to my MCOL from Halicrap.


    Two of the charges I am reclaiming are greater than 6 years. I know I can argue that the statute of limitations doesn't apply because they hid the true charges until OFT found it i.e. preventing my from exercising my legal rights. When I put in my claim I thought I'd at least try. Had a look for previous threads with no luck yet.


    Not sure if it is worth a big fight for £662 out of £2579. Has anyone gone back to them on this then been paid?


    Anyone out there can advise. I need to respond to Halicrap.

  4. Well guess I was a valued customer. At the time I suspect they thought "this guy spends lots on cards - so big bucks for us in this" Little did they konw but even by then I had learnt the hard way. Credit cards are not a sensible way to take credit.

  5. finally issued money claim Wednesday. Showing as issued. Now the waiting


    This is virtually the last of my banks. This time I will have plus balance and can at last make contribution to the site. sorry to the mods in taking time but even though I got paid by FD and Amex still couldn't find money. Now things look great. I will be in credit for the first time in about 6 years. Thank CAG.

  6. This sounds so familiar - I went through the same thing 2 years ago. I had to take out a 2nd mortgage to repay the £10,000 they demanded. To be honest it was hell. If I could calculate the cost to me of the knock on affect I'd take them to Court.

    After finding this site - I wrote and demand default notice and found they hadn't issued one and again they removed it quickly - but I have had 3 years of poor credit and increased interest rates. They seem to pass stuff quickly to agency but don't sell debt. So "it is not out of their hands'.

    Glad you got it sorted.

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