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  1. Andy would that DQ be the same as the previous one or does it need to be different
  2. HPSCAN_20201012193632826_2020-10-12_193807945.pdf recently received a reply from the courts outlining these actions any feed back on how to proceed would be a great help
  3. Hi after reveiwing the documents anyone with comments or feed back to help complete or add to the Directions Questionnaire thanks.
  4. Looking at the document word for word as I try to break it down (10&11) In respect of the above claim no XXXX I totally dispute this claim and allegation brought against myself for funds that have been invested jointly with myself and full receipt by solicitors and investment house have been given Full disclosure and description and defence has been given by Mr xxxxxx on the claimants response. I do not agree and advise that i personally never used or transferred these funds other than intended for. I also do not personally take hara
  5. Not sure he and his Mother live at the current address on the court details he changed his address but there was no address disclosure, but when he signed the court documents he signed them and recoreded the current address not a new one .
  6. PS : The first action taken by the claimant was to register a change of address at the courts
  7. Sorry for the late reply I have been working this week end, all of this information is a lot to take in but I will start working on it straight away and send the documents as requested thank you again for your support
  8. going through the paperwork realised that nothing had been signed but details of investment contained in a email attachment : Managed Bank Guarantee Funding Program This program is an End to End Managed Bank Guarantee Funding and Monetization Program. The program includes Total Deposit Protection with a very high profile Attorney Trust Account protected by a law firm that was both founded by a Supreme Court Judge and is recommended by the US Embassy for all Americans. Either your Bank Guarantee is Issued or your Get your Deposit Returned, we make mone
  9. He asked for the money to be transferred in to his Mothers account
  10. Might have been a some time in his previous life but how can i clarify that at the time of the investment he was operating under FCA guidance
  11. Amount Claiming £13,000 In Autumn of 2014 Mrxxxx informed us of an investment proposal and encouraged us to invest £13,000 which would allegedly double our investment in 3 months. On the 12th Decemeber 2014 after taking out a loan to finance the investment We deposited £13,000 in to the account of Mrs xxxx account as instructed by Mr xxxx No monies were returned on the due date and to date Mr xxxx has used various reasons and excuses to delay the payout for investment. in Jan 2020 We requested that we have our invested monies (£13,000)returne
  12. Hi I havent been on the site for a while but would appreciate some assistance with a recently started claim against an individual s who owes me money. I believe I have followed the correct process so far by trying mediation which was a total waste of time, I then issued a letter before court action day , they replied on the last day, in all this time there has been no verbal communication to my request to have my money back, I issued a claim in the small courts and now I have received a notice of proposed allocation to fast track together with a Directi
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