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  1. Thanks ploddertom.....gives me something to think about. With regards to asking them how they work things out and justifying their ATR fee, that is pretty much what I have been asking for the past year to no avail.....
  2. Sorry, the £155 difference is the original PCN fine.......which i didn't include in that breakdown.
  3. Good. Just a coupple of other things. i'm not sure if they have the right to clamp a vehicle if they think it might be yours, say for example if it's parked in your driveway or they see you returning home. So be aware of this. Also never let them in your house or sign anthing. If they call round simply tell them you have written letters asking for breakdowns and are awaiting their reply. Lastly, keep copies and document all of your communication with Equita, from telephone calls, emails and letters.
  4. If you still have the vehicle associated with the fine i would be tempted to pay, although contesting the charges after they have been paid is an absolute nightmare. If you dont have the vehicle, dont pay until they justify their charges and you at least know what you are paying for. If you keep on sending the letters and send letters to the local authority at the same time you should get somewhere and they will either provide the justification or eventually charge you what they are allowed to by law.... This is just what i would do based on my experience....
  5. On this example it took four months to pay - others took longer, some i paid quicker. Would i be right in thinking though that they cant add costs for length of time, only when they actually visit or send a letter....?
  6. Yes they did, on two seperate occassions i was charged for the same visit. My main issue with their charging though was the 'attendance and removal' fees i was charged. At no point were any goods removed and I never signed anything. There are actually a number of different PCN's where i felt i was overcharged so i wont put details of them all on here, but include one below: - DVLA report (Fee:£2.94) - First notice sent to defendant requesting they contact us.( Fee: £13.16) - Case issued to bailiff to visit. - Case issued to bailiff to visit.( Fee £55.2l) - Case issued to b
  7. TFL's reply to my letter stated that they had asked Equita to review my cases and that Equita would be in touch with me. The last line of their letter said that they hoped Equita's response would be a satisfactory conclusion to the matter. Equita then sent their letter offering the 50%.
  8. This is classic Equita. From my experience, as soon as the debt leaves the call centre and is passed to one of their Bailiffs they add on their 'Attendance and Removal Fee' charges even though no one has attended and nothing has been removed. They are not allowed to do this and can only charge you a visit fee if they do actually visit (this is the charge of £28). Do you still have the car the parking fine is associated with? If not, I would write back to them asking for details of the visit, and a breakdown of the Attendance and Removal fees. They probably wont write back and provide
  9. Hello, I have been in communication with Equita for well over a year now regarding a number of Congestion Charges and Parking Ticket fines i paid to them. I sent a number of SAR's to them and by looking at their breakdown of charges and 'The Enforcement of Road Traffic Debts' I felt i had been grossly overcharged on a number of different occassions, particularly in respect to 'Attendance and Removal fees that did not appear to be justified and which they refused to justify. After many letters to both Equita and TFL asking that Equita either justify their charges and prove they are la
  10. Layer cake, although some say not to pay the £10 for the Subject Access Request I have done and would recommend doing so because they then legally have to respond to you within 40 days. (Although, be warned, you probably wont get a reply within 40 days). Also, be prepared to be patient.....it's a very slow and frustrating process...Good luck.
  11. Yes, I have a breakdown of the charges and yes they have applied multiple charges. They have charged me, and I have paid three lots of £55.21 for one visit. Amusingly, despite the fact that it's there in black and white on their screen shots, they fail to acknowledge this as an unfair charge.
  12. I have the screen shots from the account, giving their interpretation of a 'full and detailed breakdown' of the charges. I have also sent letters asking them to either refund the money that i think has been overcharged or provide further details of the costs. They have refused to do either simply stating that ' Contrary to my letter, they dispute my allegations that i have been overcharged'. No, further breakdown, no explanation.....nothing..... Maybe it is time to file a small claim...? tomtubby, with regards to the 'Distress for rent rules' they were talking about getting the
  13. Yes, they responded to my SAR and i have (what i believe) the evidence that i have been overcharged. To give an idea of the overcharging, in a one month period i made 6 payments to Equita totalling just under £3000 on an original debt of £930 (6 x £155 PCN's). From their response to my SAR they claim to have visited my property 6 times (once for each PCN) but I have been charged more than once for the same visit, so their actual visits is probably more like 4. In each of these cases payments were made over the phone. At no point did i sign anything and they never gained entry. I to
  14. Thanks...that's interesting... In recent correspondence from them they quote the 'Distress for Rent rules 1988' and basically say that any disputes about charges must be made within 12 months. I'm a little bit lost as to what to do next. I seem to be constantly hitting my head against an Equita brick wall. Getting this far has taken 3 SAR's, numerous phonecalls and emails and 10 months so far. Any advice on how to proceed would be much appreciated....
  15. Hello Everyone, I'm in the middle of trying to claim back excessive charges that Equita applied to some PCN's I had with them 3 years ago. Can anyone tell me if there is a time limit with regards to disputing these charges and trying to get a refund for any overcharging? Thanks in advance
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