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  1. UPDATE: Well after lots pf phone calls and escalating the matter to our Regional Manager,there is light at the end of the tunnel.BAYV have offered us a discount on our account plus replacement of goods,new products at cost price upto £1100 or clearing our account altogether for the poor service we had received.
  2. CHeers lefty Did get into contact in 2009 with someone senior at BAYV and got nothing but empty promises to be honest.And when asked for all records BAYV had on us(not SAR though i might add) they sent a load a4 size documents with half of every pages details cut off,so were quite clearly withholding infomation.I do think the SAR is the way to go,and if the BAYV contact on here is the same one as 2009 i wont hold out much hope.But am willing to try to get this sorted.
  3. Also,as stated in previous threads, i have had to replace the broken goods with second hand ones myself as i do not have enough space to keep a broken, vaccum cleaner,nintendo ds,hi-fi,cooker,wardrobe set,bunk beds,exercise bike and pc.Not one item works and ive been with BAYV since 2005 and i dont OWN a damn thing.Well if thats the case then the company is responsible for the up keep of equipment until i do own it.They had months to sort it out and i kept the equipment for as long as possible,but bear in mind when you live in a small home with little storage space you cant keep the items fore
  4. Hi gang, Well after months(check my previous posts) of trying to get BAYV to do something about our faulty good im at the final straw. BAYV are due to collect money from me this week to which they will not recieve ONE PENNY until they replace the items that are broken.Its a joke for me to be paying £160+ every eight weeks for items i can not use.At NO point i was made aware that when i took another item out from BAYV the whol package would be refinanced and i would own NOTHING.Also when i took out the P.C in 2007 i think it was i was mislead into the amount of repayments i would be mak
  5. Well heres my two pence worth ive had a buy as you view account since 2006 and had a refresh done in 2009 which means im stuck paying for stuff thats not mine until 2012.Anyway ....i have nothing that works now from buy as you view, i notified BAYV and they told me the warranty on the good has ran out ,its down to us to contact the manufacturer to see what they can do.I said well if none of the goods are mine you have a responsabilty to have them in working order(still no joy) so after much humming and harring having a broken cooker,hoover,nintendo ds,pc, wardrobe set and having the mround for
  6. All this is yet more evidence that BAYV are little more than loan sharks praying on vulnerable people and taking the law into their own hands.Just goes to show we have to have this site as for too long these companies have thought that they are above the law and dont like it when people fight back..
  7. Well its seems i have a extension number i cant use, Got a pm on here from a member of Scottish power.He very kindly gave me a number with his personal ext number.Rang Scottish Power only for them to tell us no such ext number exists??? very confused!!
  8. What i mean is i dont know what the obligations to uphold are(sorry if im being a bit dim here but my head is singing lol)Do i literally jusy say " i think you need reminding of your obligations to uphold both CSA and OFT codes of practice"?I just dont want to be out of my depth when im communicating with me if he just speels of a load of jargon
  9. "I would suggest you contact him and outline that there is a dispute on this account,and that they pass it back to Scottish Power.Additionally,he needs reminding of their obligations to properly uphold both CSA and OFT codes of practices.Ask for a copy of their complaints procedure". How would i go about telling him this?, And what does CSA stand for please?
  10. Thanks alot for you help and advice, have fowarded a message to the person you suggested.We will ring Scottish Power and deal with them alone if thats what we can do.The debt collector stated we had to pay 50% of the debt to avoid further action(although not stated in the letter) by next friday, i take it that this is for resolve's benefit?
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