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  1. I've had many many many communications with Littlewoods, they were being very "secretive" about just WHO their delivery company WAS...but after some recearch I found it to be the Home Delivery Network. A seperate company whos main client is the Shop Direct Group of Companies (Littlewoods parent company). Littlewoods informed me that a consignment of the PC I ordered was due into the country last friday and I should receive my order by monday (yesterday) but after several emails yesterday I found out that HDN hadn't picked up the consignment yet...I want to know why and blow off some ste
  2. Hey guys, I'm on to complaining at these guys now (STILL haven't got my PC) I've searched all over the place and cannot find any email addresses for HDN anywhere... Has anyone had any past contact with them via email? Anyone really good at finding these things? Any help would here would be excellent Thanks guys.
  3. Exsactly, so why are they taking 2 months to send what can only be described as an "entry-level, fairly basic" PC.
  4. There were other places to get it from, Bright House, Freemans, even Argos, but it's becoming the PRINCIPALS of it, what kind of bull**** company takes 2 months to deliver a PC? Thanks for the info Heli, I'll throw that at em and see if they **** bricks and give me it sooner.
  5. And they've done me over by changing the info on the wbesite to say "Delivery within 3 week(s)" now... I'm getting VERY frustrated with them now.
  6. Hmm....Apparently "The Manager" is looking into this and we should hear from "Him" sometime today or tomorrow...
  7. Does anyone know of any legislation or agreements (maybe Consumer Credit Agreement or Trading Standards) that would relate to providing promised goods in a "reasonable" amount of time? that would help a LOT here I think.
  8. Well, late last night I sent off a bunch of emails, to Shop Direct and the manufacturer of the PC, both emails were complaining about Littlewoods very poor Customer Service, and asking THEM if they could give me a valid reason to continue to wait (Yes, needed from LWoods to spread payments). Haven't gotten any replies yet, but should get something sometime today (Still early morning here...)
  9. Legally, the nursery workers are NOT allowed to lay a finger on your children, unless you sign a parental indemnity form upon signing your child(ren) up for their services. Write to the nursery, and ask them to produce any and ALL documents they have in relation to your daughter (they legally have to under the Data Protection Act, may cost you £1) they'll most likley send photocopies of the original documents, but you can check them over for any sign of you handing permission over to them so they can touch your child...if its not in the paperwork, they broke the law by even touching her.
  10. It must be a HDMI enabled TV, if it is it will have "HD Ready" written somewhere on the front of the TV itself, if you see a sticker with it on or anything like that, then it should work just fine. SOME TV's don't need any more setup than just plugging in the cable, Samsung & Sony TV's are pretty good for "self setup", they detect what is plugged into them, and adjust settings automatically. So you may get lucky!
  11. Don't mean to be goofy or anything...but the "Time Machine" part made me wet myself. Hands down...BEST email EVER.
  12. Well, as long as your TV has a HDMI port on it, just plug it in and it should carry the sound over too, no need for a second audio input, but you may have to configure your laptop and TV to enable the sound via HDMI. Okay, I have the download link and instructions, I'll PM them to you very shortly.
  13. Okay, click Start and in the search box type "dxdiag" and hit enter. A window will come up with a Yes or No option, click Yes and a large window will then open with a lot of information on it, in the center of this box it will have "Current Date/Time: 06th October 2009...." "Computer Name" and "Operating System: Windows Vista..." Inform me of what it says in the Opertaing System part and I can send you the link to download.
  14. Don't bother, the new ones will overwrite the older ones. No worries.
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