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  1. What part of the Hummer hit what part of your wifes car? Insurance companies are not daft. they know most of the time who hit who, especially if there was a Hummer bumper shape sent in your wifes door!
  2. Have you seen how they drive in Russia???????? The test will be VERY hard compared to what he is used to. You cannot bribe a DSA examiner with a bottle of vodka, nor can you take the test drunk either. They WILL require him to drive reasonably and follow some simple instructions. Back to the drawing board then.
  3. Fair enough. that was rude so I do apologise. I just got annoyed because people were genuine trying to help you and you were somewhat sarcastic about your phone call.
  4. Yes I forgot all that and now you must feel all smug up there in Scottyland. You sad, sad, sad and utterly pointless worm. I was trying to help a forum member. You are clearly trying to score points. Go ahead. I have a life.
  5. Contact the war pensions people then.
  6. Yes, no problem. You sent an item to Belgium (Big mistake!). They then sent it back, you didn't get it but that isn't his problem anymore as Paypal have kindly refunded him. What are you going to do? Nada. There is nothing you can do. Take it on the chin, never ever send anything abroad again and move on. Sorry that it sounds brutal, but you have been well and truly tucked up. The usual one is the empty envelope that arrives back! Trust me, I have been there, bought the Tee shirt, got the carry bag. Paypal could not giving a frying fruck what happens. Sorry for your loss of money, but don't waste another second on it.
  7. Well, in the East Midlands we certainly have BBC for the East Midlands and ITV's Central news. So they certainly DO exist. Looks like you are WRONG then Buzby doesn't it?
  8. I will save you a whole pile of trouble here. You have lost your money. End of.
  9. This is because it was 16:06 and you were parked, not loading. Loading must seen to be taking place. It obviously wasn't and thus why the PA correctly deduced you were parked and not loading. Ticket is correct.
  10. I'd be tempted too, but with fist at the ready. Any woman who wants to pick a fight with a bloke, deserves a good smack in the kisser. There..... that should get the debate lively again! .............. running for cover .....
  11. The only problem with ex's, is that you may have to kiss them and that will seem like kissing your sister. Whcih can be fun if you are from Norfolk I suppose. As above, and give her one for grandad too!
  12. I agree. You must send the old one back to Blackpool and they will send you a new one. When you use the last box up, send it off straight away next time. Also watch out for the expiry date. I got caught out with that one year.
  13. If it is a genuine private seller and not a trader pretending to be a private seller, then you have no comeback on the car faults at all. As for the engine number, you should have checked that BEFORE you bought the car. It could well be that the seller didn't know. It could be that they did know - who can say? If you pushed, there are ways of establishing the number of the engine in your car. Checks with the police/DVLA may then reveal it is a stolen engine, maybe not. If it is then the engine would not belong to you. Do you really want to go down that path? First thing is to speak with the seller, but don't be too surprised if they say 'get lost'.
  14. I would get on to the local TV station for that area. They love a story like this and it always has the magical power of getting them to change their sad sorry little minds.
  15. Well pardon me for fecking breathing! Yell are the people who are trying to crook here, not the OP or me.
  16. In Nottingham CEO's are not expected to walk into the carriageway to read tcikets.
  17. Not if he didn't make that call! Could have been ME impersonating him. In fact it was. There. Sorted.
  18. Did you get this information from the agent about the permit, in writing or on the phone?
  19. You can only cool off from a signed or agreed contract. The contract hasn't been agreed, so it is irrelevant.
  20. No it doesn't. No contract has been signed. How do they know who they actually spoke with?
  21. E-mail them a cancellation. Phone and cancel. Write and cancel. They are the absolute pits.
  22. That is true. Wouldn't stop me removing stuff I paid for. There is obviously only one language that this ****** will understand. I will let you use your imagination.
  23. Go around and recover all your materials back, even if that means channelling out the walls to get YOUR property back. Someone did this to my brother (an electrician) a few years ago. He went back and literally ripped everything back out. He lost about £800 in actual materials, recovered about £150 of that in scrap wire and fittings, but caused thousands of damage to their new plaster getting his property back. They then took him to court for the damage and they lost!
  24. You shouldn have started your own thread. How did you declare SORN? Are you the registered keeper?
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