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  1. 'will be visiting you'. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh scary! And how eaxctly are they going to get onto your property without an appointment then?


    Usual BS nonsense from a bunch of deadbeats who pray on the vulnerable and easily worried. Don't waste another second thinking about it. Contact BT and have the number reported for harrassment.

  2. Because it is HIS door, not yours! You didn't damage it so why should you pay? When they catch the burglars he can sue them for the rest. until then, he can pay you.


    When HIS door was damaged by burglars, they broke into his property. it may well be your home, but it is HIS property and the external doors are his responsibility.


    He may well have been able to get it repaired cheaper, but he didn't answer your calls and you cannot leave your home unsecured. In reality you have done hime a favour by getting it repaired, but it is a repair to his property.


    You need to let him know politely but firmly that you have taken advise and youi regret that he will have to reimurse you. If he still refuses then you will have to send him a letter before action formerly demanding the money owed within 7 days or you will issue proceedings through county court.


    I have every confidence he will pay youi with a push.

  3. Normally I agree with what you are saying MrShed, but on this one I see it differently.


    The OP had the property broken into via the door. That is the landlords area as it is structural as in an access to the property. Teh OP tried in vain to contact the LL for urgent repair for security and could not contact them.


    The fact that they made the effort to get approval first is enough IMHO to demand a full reimbursement for the lock repair. If necssary, through the courts who I am sure would favour the tenant.

  4. And who exactly is that aimed at?


    If you want the bottom line, Paypal are doing what you agreed they could do. I hate paypal with a passion and would never use them under any circumstanecs and cirtainly do not work for or support them in any way.


    But your argument must be based on facts. the fact is you signed up and thus agreed that they can do this. No point throwing toys out the pram if you don't like the truth.

  5. You keep going on and on and on about these 'fake' goods. You do NOT know they are fake, you just assume they are.


    I have been on pain killers dor 9 years. I have had many different brands of them and on occasions have had no apparent effect from some and a monster effect from others, supposedly the same make!


    Until they are tested or confirmed by the manufacturer you canot go any further. It won't change hings if you say 'fake' a million times. If the manufacturer says 'real' once, that is sufficient to stop your crusade in its tracks.

  6. No, don't ask them for evidence.


    If the fine is for 'driving in a bus lane' it is incorrect because it is not a bus lane.


    If the fine is for contravening a no-right-turn sign, then you can appeal on the lack of signs and raod markings in lady Booth Street.


    If the fine is for both of the above, then they have scored an own goal as those would be two separate offences.

  7. Here is one in Nottingham that is done correctly (albeit to the left rather than the right). Exactly the same, as in not a bus lane to the left but a restriction on vehicles just like in Kingston. The only real difference is this is a one way street we are in. But you will see the relevant signage and road markings.





  8. I agree.


    The offensive IF ANY would be not complying with a no right turn sign. There is no bus lane at all, thus the penalty is incorrect. The restriction in Eden Road at the point where you turned right is only busses, taxi's and cycles allowed'. that is not teh same as a bus lane because a bus lane (as pointed out above) must be bordered by a solid white line to the offside.


    As regards the no right turn sign, look at the oicture below and tell me where it says no right turn? As in my previous post, you cannot see it (ironically) because of a bus.


    That is why they are required in the street BEFORE you turn so you have advanced warning of them. The ground should also be marked 'TURN LEFT'


    I would appeal on the grounds that the alleged offence did not occur. The council will of course refuse the appeal, then go to adjudication where you will definitely win.



  9. Oh yes, whether it is registered to you or not is irrelevant. You bought it thus it is yours. Remember the keeper is only that, the keeper - not necessarily the owner - which is what you are.


    I am basing this all on you having paid for the car, having a receipt for teh payment or proof of payment, the car being legitimately sold to you in teh first place and it being the sam car.


    My gut feeling is the person you originally bought it from just sold it again. Maybe scrapped it?? I doubt if the keys will fit the drivers door or ignition, but probably will the passenger door.


    Don't try and take it without the police being told. I would react very badly if you turned up here and started trying to get into what I believe is my car! You would too.


    Cover yourself, get the police there with you.

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  10. You bought it and paid for it correct? You did NOT make any insurance claim for it and have no had a refund correct?


    If so it is still yours and yes you could just take it. However, I would simply tell the police you have spotted it, intend to sieze it back and would like them to attend to prevent a breach of the peace in case an innocent member of the public thinks that you are stealing their car! After all, could have been sold on 10 times since then.


    Easy place to start is a phone call to DVLA to see if anyone has tried to register it.


    Of course, this is all on the asumption that it wasn't stolen when you bought it!

  11. Your bank will only get involved with chargeback under cirtain circumstances. Some of which would be, unauthorised payment (not the case), goods not sent (not the case), wrong goods sent, returned and no refund received (not the case). They will also get involved if there is fraud.


    Your primary problem is PROOF. As advised above, send the packaging, leaflet and 1 lot of tablets(asuming they are tablets) to the manufacturer. keep the rest. If they are genuine, you have still got some. If they are fake you still have evidence plus the report from the manufacturer would be enough to get a refund.


    So, starting point is to contact the genuine manufaturer. Have the box/packet to hand. they will ask you questions about batch codes etc. They MAY ask you to send them in which case do the above.


    Until that is established, it is simply your opinion.


    Nothing wrong with running a business form an accvommodation address by the way. It just means you need not waste a journey going there as they will not actually be there.

  12. This is just one page of who has a business at the same address:


    Query: RegisteredAddress for 27 OLD GLOUCESTER STREET




    And here is them:



    5.) So, as much as I like JimmySpangle's views here, and elsewhere, as an alternative view, personally, I would be tempted NOT to tell the landlord "to issue the usual legal notices via court".


    Why tip the landlord off to the mistakes they have already made, as already pointed out by MrShed?



    Oh, I never suggested for one second telling the landlord that at all. The OP's question was whether a verbal NTQ was ok, I was pointing out that it needed to be done in writing through the court system. I didn't eman tell the landlord that and agree with you, why tell him?

  14. I have just had something very similar happen. The point is that people who want to obey the law and make every effort to do so end up being penalised and criminalised. It isn't so much about what the regualtions say, as the fact that the state alows you to be vitimised by profiteering private companies like NCP. You have a right to be very angry indeed; people have died to establish the principles being trampled on here.


    Not correct for the first bit and no they don't for the second.


    Every effort to obey the law? The car must be taxed if used on the road, unless on its way directly to or from an MoT. It cannot be left on a public road at any time unless taxed.


    The OP in this OLD thread parked an untaxed car on the road. I do actually sympathise, but they did indeed park an untaxed car on the road and were caught.


    I would suggest looking at neighbours for how that one was discovered so quickly! However, they have no right to be anngry unless it is with themsleves.

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