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  1. Again - thanks! Finally for now - if I were to go Bnakrupt would this "end" the current debts. RSM Tenon advise that even if I were made bankrupt I would have to pay all this debt in full.
  2. Thank you for that - very helpful. Can I ask, once they find the new address (thats if they are looking) would they just re start with the letters or could they just arrive at the door?? And if they do just arrive how do I legally ask for all the detilas etc. and request for it to be set aside. In honesty most of the debts are individually small and under 10k. Its the RBS that have the bulk - following sale of house theres a shortfall of £50k but they did not get a judgement on that without leave of court, a personal loan of about £30k which Ive not heard anything about and the business ov
  3. Thanks for that! I think I will wind them up! Mind you not heard anything from them since I spoke to them!
  4. Thanks for that! Can they still do that even though its a non uk debt??
  5. Quick update on this one - have received another letter from the company concerned ARuk (Assett Recoveries UK). So I did contact them. I spoke to a man who was very nice and I did explain to him that I moved to UK in 2001 and that this was now time barred etc.. and that I would dispute any such amounts anyway etc.... He did mention that the bank in Ireland instructed a british solicitor in 2002 / 2003 and then got a judgement on it - I was never aware of this, never had any paperwork etc - they seem to have used the address I stayed at the first week I moved here. In order to open my bank acco
  6. Hi Long story short - lost business about a year and a half ago and as result lost house, car etc.. My self and my partner moved to the family farm. There is a small granny annex built on and thats where we live. We pay rent etc to my father. As a result of all the business losses I have a number of large debts (£200k +) and unfortunatley I have given personal guarantees with some of them. At the moment I cannot afford to go Bankrupt although a creditor has tried but the judge refused it because of the circumstances etc... The basics are I have nothing. I am trying to get back on my fee
  7. Thank you very much for this - will use this straight away Cheers
  8. Being honest I cant remember the exact date - it was July 2007 (ish)
  9. I've searched and searched for the letter and can't find it! Have moved house recently too so may be lost "somewhere". If I get one again I'll get back to you. THanks for your help to date.
  10. I've searched and searched for the letter and can't find it! Have moved house recently too so may be lost "somewhere". If I get one again I'll get back to you. THanks for your help to date.
  11. Hi all I would be most grateful for any advise on this matter: I have had a loan for the past number of years with RBS, arranged through my local brach. Shortly after I missed the first Monthly payment to my loan account, in July 2009, I wrote to my branch about the issue however they were unable to help as the account had already been passed to the Birmingham Collections Centre. Following several unsuccessful phone calls to them I wrote my first letter on 28th September. I received a reply to this letter on Nat West (Addressed from Teleford Credit Management)headed paper dated 16th Oct
  12. Ive not got the letter to hand (am at work) but its from an "Assett Collection Agency" based in Southampton. They want me to contact them re paying the debt in full before "further action" is taken. I have ignored it to date!
  13. Have heard nothing what so ever since then. Never spoke to anyone never wrote to anyone! No letters - Nothing!
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