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  1. I currently have my TSB default and also a Lowell default filed separately. Their is no explanation from Lowell within the report advising that it has bought the alleged debt and is merely taking ownership. It just looks like a new default on my account.


    As I have only really been accused of defaulting once on this account by TSB my account looks as though I have defaulted twice. This is so misleading.


    Thanks for your advice.

  2. Good afternoon,


    TSB have sold a disputed account to Lowell who have registered a duplicate default on my credit report. I am currently taking this up with TSB and Lowell and would like to ask; should Lowell be advising you of their intention to register a default albeit a duplicate one, as in the way a normal default notice should be served.


    Also, I was in the process of making a legal claim against TSB for in-excess of the value of the alleged debt, so if Lowell wish to assume responsibility for the alleged debt do I carry on with my claim against TSB, or do I claim against Lowell.


    Finally, if Lowell pursue you over 3 months for an alleged debt that they have to date not provided "proof of debt" what are my chances of making a legal claim against them for compensation for harassment and also having to constantly respond to them in defending myself against their unproven claim. I want to make a claim as I am scared they will default this alleged debt even though it is not mine.


    Thanks Migsy

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