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  1. Could anyone help me to understand why Barclays refused to increased my OD level from just £250 to £1000 as I requested (even though I didn’t want it but I applied as a testing) ? I have been with Barclays for about 4 years now and haven’t seen any single ‘Pre approved offer’ on my internet banking page. I send my full monthly salary to this account and do over 75% of transaction via this account. I never used my OD for about 2 years time. My credit score is 947 (Good) and credit report is clear (I do check my report with Experian credit expert always). Few months ago I have logged a complaint
  2. Its a handy phone, I like it. But only problem is battery life. It last within 3 days and another problem is getting heat within 15-20 minutes if you make a continues call. Any comments??
  3. Below is solution email I got from 3 execurtive office.... But I don't know why they added £2.00 Video pack ?? What is the advantage of having it for daytoday use?? Thank you for your recent correspondence and telephone call, during which you highlighted your concerns regarding an error in delivery of your handset, following your call to renew your contract with 3. Please accept my apologies for any difficulties you may have experienced during your recent dealings with us. With regards to the customer service difficulties you have experienced, please be assured that your feedback i
  4. Yes, It was one of my previous address. Good news is Executive office just gave me a call and made a long apology regarding this incident and accepted that happened due to 3 mobile internal miscommunication. Further he promised me to deliver the handset by tomorrow to my current address. Then I ask whether its possible to cancel the upgrade , so he also accepted it and gave me that cancellation option as well. Then I asked for a different handset (E71) WHICH IS BIT EXPENSIVE THAT e63. Surprisingly he agreed to that option as well under same price plan. Then I agreed to accept E71 w
  5. Today I got my upgraded contract documents from 3 mobile to my correct address but still no response abt the handset. Just few minutes before i contacted execurtive office and they said they got address as No 94 (wrongly dilivered address), then how come 3 mobile send contract documents to my correct address? are they trying to fool me? Then they passed my call to diffrent department and one representative told me tthat they will get back to me before 3pm today.
  6. Thanx buzby, i will wait until execurtive office reply for few days and will see. Thanks for your valuable points in this regard.
  7. My initial contract is about to end by 1st Nov 09, so what is the notice perioed if I can go back to the original ?? if it is 30day, no point of going back to the original...
  8. what is the possibility of canceling this new upgarade even they are conducting an investigation? If it is 14 days then is it count from contract start date (even i haven't recived my handset or any paper)??
  9. Hi all, I just recived the below reply from Executive Office....... But my question is why they can not satisfy the customer first and then do what ever investigate that they want as a internal matter?? Dear Mr Premaratne, Ref: 8156963 Thank you for your recent communication, highlighting your concerns. I would like to confirm that the Executive Office is currently investigating the issues you have raised and you will be contacted within 4 working days to discuss the results of their findings. In this interim period, should you wish to comment further on the issue
  10. This happend to me 5 days before. I upgraded my contract with new handset but they have sent it to a one of my previous address. When I contacted 3 customer services, their answer is that 'you need to wait until we finish our investigation on this issue and we are unable to issue your handset until we finish that investigation'. This is totally unacceptable and frustrating as a customer becouse it was not my fault but 3 mobile it self. Yesterday I send the below email to executive.office@three.co.uk and CC to Stephen.Campbell@three.co.uk, contact@ofcom.org.uk, jeremyl@hwl.com.hk, contactc
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