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  1. No - I really didn't want to do this but they have left me no Option, I just wanted to get on with my job.. No warnings no disciplinary just straight dismissal. I mentioned this at the capability meeting, and I have to put it in with my appeal.
  2. I have the text messages I have screen shot them and have them on my personal email. I have the shaz email. Unfortunately when I asked to check my emails I couldn't locate any others.
  3. I was wondering if I could get some help of anyone. 4 weeks ago out of the blue I was taken in the office and handed a letter to say the company wanted to Have a meeting with me about my performance and gave me a copy of the capability procedure. I am not in a union and was allowed a representative with me, I chose an ex boyfriend who worked at the Company, but was told at first he wasn't allowed to attend, at this point I had a breakdown and the dr signed Me of sick. I've been off work approx 4 weeks sick, the 1st meeting got cancelled due to my mental health, the second mee
  4. I did argue the point that i thought we were flying on US AIR as stated on our Invoice. The Judge was nice and did have a go at the Virgin Woman she went off on one and he said it was not criminal proceedings LOL. I think the Judge should of awarded more but i WON and they LOST.. even if it was lower then expected. It shows we don't all give into them. Oh and if im allowed a nice bottle of whiskey will be coming your way. And there is no way i want to even think about appealing.
  5. Please can a mod confirm if its ok for me to send legal a Bottle ? This is to thank him for all his hard work in helping me.. I was peed off at first but then i think I WON.... And they must of paid their solictor quite a bit.. So it was worth it because it messed Virgin about and she missed her train LOL
  6. Basically Virgins terms and Conditions covered everything.. he accepted the claim for the suitcase. Didn't accept the car hire or fuel which i thought he might not They asked me to prove if the flight was safe, they would of had to have a safety certificate so they refused the internal flight. He could understand Disney with the photos ect Bahamas he said that the only thing effecting the holiday was the pool which would of effected our holiday but seems we had no issues for the food and drink he could not award us a full refund. Virgin basically kept making out w
  7. Did you fill out a report in resort with the Rep. I would make a complaint to them in writing and see what they reply with. Did Paul get the name of the person on the telephone who confirmed it was a deluxe room ?
  8. Thanks. It was hard work in court we were in there all day. The judge took 90 mins to come to a decision. We were in ourt 11-13.00 then back in at 14.40 till 15.30 The judge did say how well the case was set out thanks to legal. I couldn't of done it without him and very thankfull. I would still like to send him a nice bottle of something if it is allowed.
  9. Well Im back, After being at the court all day. The Judge took 90 mins to decided what to do. I won my case but he did'nt award much money. He awarded me the total sum off £749.99 Plus interest. Virgin Moaned that because the claim was over stated the costs were alot higher than they should of been so i was only awarded 50% off the costs. All together i will get just shy of £1100. Thanks for all your help everyone, A donation will be made to CAG upon reciept of the cheque.
  10. Thanks all and especially legal pickle. I will be back on this afternoon and let you know how i got on.
  11. Thanks for your help. I will go through it all again in the morning, So its clear in my head.
  12. Is this better ? 1. I am claiming for a new suitcase has mine got damaged by the airline. I was very upset because this contained my wedding dress. 2. Had we known that the time in the Disney “Conorado Springs resort would of been like”, we would have never booked it. Because of this we flew into Orlando airport, rather than Miami airport; and spent approximately £40 in the fuel for the vehicle travelling between Orlando and Clearwater; and vice-versa. 3. We were told by the “hotel” in the Bahamas that they do not charge for transferring passengers from the
  13. Is this okay, Is there anything i have missed or need to do ?
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