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  1. Could someone please give me the correct address for sar for welcome . I have an address in nottingham but not sure if its correct sorry for jumping in on this thread.
  2. will need to write or phone to ask for default notices to be removed as hadnt actually included it in this letter was getting mixed up with something else. Thought about it a bit more last night and reckon I got more than I had expected so will accept the offer and just hope they do what they say they will. Can I thank you all for your help and support in assisting me on this one lets hope my next couple of battles get similar results. This was my current account so credit card next which by coincedence recieved a letter this morning of a reduced sum to pay???
  3. hello folks, got a response today by letter offering me over £650 of which £50 is for distress and inconvienience which will be sent to me by post in the way of a personal cheque..this includes interest which was also applied along with the charges. they agree it was there fault and regret doing this . they have also refunded all charges and intrest since feb 2009 . IT SOUNDS AS THOUGH I GOT EM BY THE SHORT AND CURLY ONES. HOWEVER THERE IS NO MENTION OF DEFAULT NOTICES AND THE REMOVAL OF . I am still a bit unsure however there is no mention of a balance still to pay . Dont want to sound
  4. Thanks very much for the help on this . letter going to lloyds asap let you know the response from both sar and customer complaints.
  5. cheers ims letter getting posted what about the ofset is that still applicable to me even thogh I was in overdraft but seems they have put me over limit?
  6. bump desperate to get this letter away
  7. added up the charges again 1 was reduced for some reason I cant remember why from £75 to £25 so diff figures from my very 1st post any ideas on what I should perhaps change
  8. Here goes.. customer complaints lloyds Dear sir/madam I refer to account number xxxxxxxxxxxx As I am sure you are aware I was on a debt management plan with a comppany called Payplan. It was my understanding that Lloyds and Payplan had arranged that charges on my account were stopped to help me resolve my situation. My problem started when there was a transaction processed by ( credit refrence agency) on the 3rd of March 2009. I believed this was a free credit report, however I now know this was not free and the sum deducted caused me to go overdrawn beyond my overd
  9. I have written a letter about all this now . Would I be best putting it up here or sending it to someone to proof read as it has certain dates and figurest on it . Really looking for better wording and not sure how strong to make my letter plus dont know how to go about making an offer as have some money to pay some of this.
  10. I had a bank of scotland credit card and looking to send sar do you send it to dsar team halifax address. and who do you make cheque payable to?
  11. thanks for the reply firstship. I have lots of charges before this happened on the cc for late payment. Do you have to send sar to claim cc charges back.
  12. The credit card started with a limit of £500 I then increased it to a £1000. When I started struggling to make payments before dmp they sent me a letter stating they were reducing my limit. The balance on the card is now over £1200 even though was on dmp for nearly 2 years they never stopped interest and still added charges. Apex never sent me statements for the cc even though I asked for both. From some of the statements I still have they added late payment fees on all the time. Are these the things that I might be able to get off the balance to help reduce it.
  13. They are no longer making charges or adding interest, there was no notice of termination of my account . They never gave me anything in writing about stopping charges but when I spoke to them on the phone the person dealing with my account said there was a note on my account saying no charges(this was long time back,at the beginning). The payment was taken from current account to pay my credit card without my authorisation which then took me back over overdraft limit. This then caused more charges even though they must have known this would happen.
  14. Hi all, I am currently beginning to face up to the facts that I need to deal with my debt again. I was on a dmp with payplan for just under 2 years. I missed a couple of payments which I explained , then tried to deal with it myself. Big mistake. With lloyds I had cc and current account. I never really checked either account when on payplan as thought they dealt with it all. However have discovered that payplan didnt always make the payment on time due to holidays. lloyds though had agreed to stop charges but still added interest. Both accounts have increased while dealing with
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