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  1. how did you do it then ? bad knee in general, or coming off motorcycle type thing ?
  2. hear hear ....amen to that how is the knee now ? All better ?
  3. Hiya postgg, Long time no speakie. You were the person who actually enlightened me to the way they actually operate and informed me that the agreement I did get hold off over a year ago now, was actually a 2004 agreement and not a 2007, (when I took the loan out) I have tried templates from here for SAR and CCA, but not got anything back. What is this CPR thingy you mention. Is it just another letter to them, and me having to once again, send another postal order in. Seems like they are cashing all the postal orders, to try and recoup some cash without sending out peopl
  4. I did write to them saying i hadnt received anything, and called them also, but no response, then I got the first of the two letters above saying sorry for delay. Still never received anything, and now they say they dont have agreement at all. So therefore I havent received anything from them either SAR or CCA. Can I just write to them and say "see you in court"?
  5. Thats what I mean, if they have details of recorded delivery, then they will have my signature for delivery, but they wont have, cos i never received any of it. They have also said in their first letter, apologies for the delay in replying.... etc...... I did get a photocopy of a signed agreement last year sometime, but it was on its own in an envelope, but with nothing else at all. It didnt look like my signature, and POSTGG said that it was a 2004 agreement, and I signed a loan in March 2007, so they had probably created it themselves. Now in their latest letter, they are saying that
  6. Hi again, I have scanned the last two letters I had from Welscum, so please could someone take a look and let me know if I have a leg to stand on with these cowboys. Many thanks in advance Last 2 letters - Welscum.pdf
  7. Hi All, wrote to Welcome saying that they never supplied me either a SAR or a CCA when I asked, even though they took the money (PO). These were requested in 2009 and 2010. I wrote to them again about 6 weeks ago saying that account was in dispute and I would see them in court as they have failed to comply. I got letter back, saying according to their records, they complied and send information. (however I never received or signed for such documents) They have also said that they admit that they cannot find my signed credit agreement, but that it doesnt make the loan unenforce
  8. I did, and told them I am putting the account into dispute. they then wrote back saying they wouldnt have that, but then I heard no more from them for almost 2 years. Am I buggered now, or can I say that as they never actioned my requests, there is no loan ?! Thanks for prompt reply BTW
  9. Hi all, I have recently had a letter from Mackenzie Hall chasing me for a loan I put into dispute over 2 years ago with Welcome Finance. I submitted both CCA and SAR (along with correct payments (PO's) for both) and they failed to deliver/provide me with the requested information. They are now saying they want £4870.00 for a £3500.00 loan I took out in 2007. Therefore all the payments I had made on the loan (I did also miss some) have not made a dent in it at all. I do not want to pay them anything as they failed to comply with either me CCA or SAR. Is there a template
  10. thanks for the advice. Is there a time limit on requesting said information, and if its not actioned within certain time limit, this would go in my favour when taken to court. I am wondering if I should take them to court for harrassing me about a loan they have failed to prove to me still exists.
  11. Hi all, I received a letter from MH about my loan with Welcome Finance this morning saying they want to send out a representative to my home address as I have not been in touch with them regarding my loan with Welscum. I applied for SAR and CCA documentation, back in November 2009 and to date still have not received complete documentation. I did receive a copy of a so called agreement for the loan I took out in 2007, however someone on here looked at it and informed me that the agreement form they had sent me saying it was the correct one, was a 2004 agreement, so therefore it was p
  12. Does anyone have the bank account details to pay money into MCS (against my HSBC debt). Many thanks
  13. Hi, I have a loan with Welcome, but after sending CCA and SAR, they didnt send me my information, and I stopped paying them, and put account in dispute. However it was passed to Lewis, who offered me 50% discount, which I refused, and insisted they sent me all my information. Still nothing through and this was February. Then another letter from Lewis still offering same discount in April. Same response from me, now Lewis have handed back to welcome and I havent heard a peep since April. Should I be doing anything ? The loan actually finished in March of this year and I sti
  14. does anyone know the email address for Fredrickson International. ?
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