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  1. CAG has a section on this very thing : https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?477-The-Consumer-Contracts-Regulation Parts of this is an example of bad government - this was slipped through with very little or NO consultation.
  2. (3) Paragraphs (4) to (6) apply where a contract is cancelled under regulation 29(1) and a service has been supplied in the cancellation period. (4) Where the service is supplied in response to a request in accordance with paragraph (1), the consumer must (subject to paragraph (6)) pay to the trader an amount— (a) for the supply of the service for the period for which it is supplied, ending with the time when the trader is informed of the consumer’s decision to cancel the contract, in accordance with regulation 32(2), and (b) which is in proportion to what has been supplied
  3. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news The cooling off regulations came in several years ago and you MUST comply The customer has taken you for a ride and you cannot enforce an invoice without a court order As you did not give the client her rights you are likely to lose in court. On the up side it's £800 not £3000 (not being sarcastic just realistic) Link to ACTUAL government legislation http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2013/3134/made To sum up You MUST- for works over £42 that are non-emergency works Inform the customer of the co
  4. As a sole trader the company debts are yours anyway, so - unfortunately they have you on that How can you the company go into liquidation if you haven't ? As a sole trader you and the company are effectively the same entity
  5. Send the college a subject access request and include all minutes of meetings for your course, this will cost £10 but will give you everything they intend to rely on in court
  6. As you know he has a rental property and as you have a decree you can go for a rent arrestment order You can have a sheriff serve this on a tenant of his and it then becomes an offence for him to take rent from the tenant and for the tenant to give him the rent, this applies until the debt is paid in full. As you know he owns a property you could also go for an inhibition order. This will secure the money owed against his property and all add interest at 8% per annum! He can not sell ANY of his properties until this is paid ( I am certain this includes all of his properties, not just
  7. Start taking control Get a discounted number that records calls- such as net-telco Change your mobile number, set it to with hold caller ID Don't give your mobile number to the company chasing you Sent them a letter with a 'subject access request' enclose a postal order for £10 marked for Subject Access Request. Ask for all information they have on you and your company and also ask for copies of all call recordings State you felt pressurised to pay but dispute the debt. Tell them you are now in dispute and request their dispute resolution procedure in writing- also ask
  8. They have anpr ( and are about to install average speed cameras ) on the A9 These specs cameras have automatic number plate recognition and the reg of the car may be flagged. If it is they will find it, if not it will be forgotten
  9. Personally I would be inclined to give them £1.00 per month each and use the remainder to make your father as happy as possible. I would tell them they have no choice in this and you will go to the press if they increase the hassle in your fathers remaining time This is family time, not time to be concerned about these bottom feeders
  10. Be factual, concise and keep to the point. You need to establish a contract, detail the works carried out to a suitable standard detail the shortcomings work out a cost to put things right sue for the value It may be an idea to contact a surveyor or an architect to establish a value of the works carried out and a cost to put things right. Use a surveyor from a recognised professional body - this shows you are not calling in a 'favour from a friend' Is the builder registered with any regulatory bodies (FMB etc) Contact trading standards- they can take up the complain
  11. Good luck I have had run ins with builders before One thing that may be useful (it is in Scotland, don't know about the rest of the UK). If he is a landlord (many builders are) you can go for a rent attachment order. If you have a court decree you can use this. It makes it an offence for a tenant or letting agent to pass on rental income to the landlord without satisfying the debt
  12. I wasn't impressed by Drive Assist. They hired me a van that had expired vehicle tax. When I phoned them they expected me to drive about in it until they got the disc. I told them to uplift the vehicle and send one that was taxed, or come and put a valid tax disc on the vehicle they provided. Not the best.
  13. May I suggest token payments of £1.00 per month, direct to a bank account. You should pay somenthing and it will go against them if they take further action. Write to them (or email if you can- time and date stamped) and ask for their BACS details and refernce number. Tell them you will pay an unusual amount (say £1.23) to see if they get it. Once they have this sum you can pay £1.00 per month and sod them As far as these people go- take control, make them dance to your tune Ask the baliff for a copy of their official complaints procedure Find if they are registe
  14. No this isn't usual- if your supply is from next door (common in older houses) they could remove the fuse to your house from there if you didn't let them in - only with a court order They can't legally backdate your bill more than a year- if they have fluffed up you are only liable for the last 12 months
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