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  1. So whats the process. Send the SAR request then wait. then take it from there...
  2. No. no statements not even sure on account numbers as I mentioned they amalgamated my CC with my overdraft and loan. I know the a/c number of the original account.
  3. Hi yes. Ideally i would like to get the ppi Back/ written off against the debt. I still insist that had it not been for the ppi policy bumping up the payment amount we would have been able to afford the loan and not defaulted.
  4. Hi I would really appreciate any help with this. I had forgotten all about it. But heard there had been some changes making it more likely to get a refund. I had left it where I had received the CCA agreement in post one. shoud i request a new CCA from hsbc or will I be able to proceed using this one. Any advise would be greatly received. Thanks
  5. hi we now have hot water and heating after it bein off and on since my post. (back on yesterday fingers crossed) the estate agent said they will not be renewing the contract with the landlord if we move out after our 6 month contract. they have been ****ty with me cause my son opened the mail and that the landlord has not had the oppertunity to resolve the debt issues cause of me??? but they told us to throw any mail away that came for anyone else. the other repairs have still not been done and the estste agent told me they had requested a rent reduction from the landlord but again I ha
  6. Hi I have received a response from EGG. Looking on here the credit section is wrong as it refers only to credit limit not an actual amount, is that correct. Is there a letter I need to send them to point this out. also my other creditors have yet to reply to my CCA requests. Which letter do I send them? Sorry for all the stupid questions but I dont want to make matters worse for myself. I really appreciate all the advice so far. Regards J ccaegg1.doc ccaegg2.doc
  7. hi I wonder if you will please be able to offer us some much needed advice re our housing situation at the present time. We moved into a property we are renting through an estate agent from beggining of march 2010. When we viewed the property the guy that showed us round noted the garage door needed fixing and said this would be done asap if not not before we moved in. The day we moved in we reported to the estate agent the dishwasher in the property would not work and the seal around the bath had gone and the bath dropped a good 2inches when filled with water. It took a few
  8. hi I sent a CCA request to Egg on the 4/5/10 I read on here that is would be best to do this prior to making F&F offers which I hope to be in a postion to do soon. They replied on monday with this " Thank you for your recent request to change your address. This has now been actioned and our records have been updated. for fraud purposes a copy of this letter will be sent to your previous address. if you wish to discuss this letter please call us on ......" Admittedly I have moved recently And added a line to the end of the CCA request advising them to use the address
  9. Hi This might be a stupid question. But im possibly in the of making F&F settlement offers. I have been on a DMP with CCCS for about 5 years now and would ideally like to get the defaults removed. One of my accounts was with HSBC they amalgamated an overdraft, CC and loan together. One is and old EGG card. An AA personal Loan. and an RBS card. I want to know if its best to send a CCA or SAR before making FF offers? regards
  10. Hi I just noticed that on the cca it refers to the terms set out on page 2. Page 2 was never provided. Should both pages be sent as compliance to a CCA request?
  11. How long should I wait for a response to my PPI letter?
  12. So could that be classed as something to undermine the agreement. Ideally I would like to come to an F&F agreement as we have been offered help by family.
  13. Re Scanned with details removed. Thanks
  14. I have just added it as a word doc if thats any better? :-|
  15. Hi I have been following this site for a while but have not been inclined to try and help my situation until recently. We have been on a DMP with the CCCS for about 5 years now after we found ourselves in financial difficulties following my wifes redundancy. I had an overdraft credit card and loan with HSBC which they amalgamated into one Debt at some point. I requested a CCA from them and want to know if its legitimate. The CCCs payment is going to a company called CL Finance. I dont know if they now own the debt or are simply just managing it. It appears on my credit file
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