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  1. Thanks for your kind support, I can`t remember if the overdraft was arranged as It was a few years ago now, hopefully the SAR might throw some light on it. Going to get some sleep now, Thanks for now DeRichleau. ,
  2. Thanks again DeRichleau, The bank did send a letter saying they had reciever the SAR and that they would respond by 10 December. I hope it is a threat letter, I dont understand what you say about enforcable aggreement, is there one on an overdraft? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have recieved a letter from Brian Carter about taking me to court, but I am still waiting for my SAR from the bank. I hope you can see this, I don`t know what to do now, any ideas till I get the SAR and can work out any unfair charges? Thanks
  4. Thanks, I thought it strange that Fredrickson were contacting me rather than their solicitor Brian Carter, as I thought it was in Brian Carters hands now. Do these debt collectors not think about the consequences for the debtor, like..if youve got kids and are in an unfortunate position like myself or are ill for instance?
  5. Hi again, Recieved a letter from fredrickson saying "you have not responded to a letter from Brian Carter and saying that they will offer one more chance to pay or they will recommend instructing Brian Carter to issue a claim" It goes on to say as a goodwill gesture we are prepared to accept full and final settlement of the account within 3 days. I can`t pay this ammount and am still waiting for tha bank to send my SAR request, so I can work out if the charges are un fair. A bit worried now Should I send the letter above or wait to see what happens next? Thanks.
  6. Thank you Readalot, I think I will do what you say and wait for a couple of weeks to see if I recieve the SAR back from the bank. Your`e post has put my mind at ease a bit about strugling on my own with this. I will let you know if anything develops if thats ok/ Thanks
  7. Thanks DeRichleau, Does that mean they have to show the debt was assigned to them and they have to show they have reason to collect it? All I want to do is claim/offset any unfair charges back, but I cant do that correctly unless I have all the details of the bank account. That is why I am waiting for the SAR from the bank. Once I get the SAR and claim if successful, I can then work out what real debt is left, and work out how to proceede. I am deparately worried about not doing anything and having papers from court turn, up as I dont think I could handle that at the moment. I
  8. Should Fredrickson have responded to a cca letter, as the first letter I recieved from them mentioned tracing enquirees and concluded that I was liable for the debt, and then consequent letters to pay the debt, but no assignement letter.
  9. Hi Readalot, Thanks Could I send Brian Carter something like this that Curlyben posted ? or just ignore till SAR arrives or is there something better.
  10. Hi Again, I have just received a letter from Bryan Carter, which says that "Payment must be made in 14 days, failure to pay we will recommend our client that proceedings be issued without further notice". This is definitely the bank account as I have found the solicitors statement, where the credit card was paid. I am still waiting for the SAR from the bank to be sent to me so I can claim back or offset the charges against the debt. Help... can I send anything to Brian Carter, while waiting for the SAR to come through?
  11. Hi again Yes it does seem the company is a bit wayward in their actions. I have just sent of a SAR to the HSBC, so at least I can check all details of both accounts. I am also considering sending an account in dispute letter to Fredrickson, as the amount they claim is over £5000, but the charges on the bank account alone, from what I can gather is about £2000, which would mean a different court route, would it not? Could I claim any charges back on the credit card that was paid off when I sold the house, as well as the bank account?
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