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  1. Also can can anyone let me know the reason for sending a SB letter, because if the debt is not enforceable then surely there is nothing they can do if I continue to ignore their letters.......is there??
  2. thanks HuffandPuff - that is pretty much what i expected. Unfortunately I have checked my report and these is NOTHING there at all on this - even me checking surely is not admitting that I allegedly owe this money?? They can send whoever they like - i will answer and say that person has moved! So - does the SB letter actually work then??
  3. So if I just keep ignoring them, what can they possibly do, apart from keep sending letters after all this time???
  4. so what happens if they get no response - what can they do? I have now received a second letter with even greater demands for payment - should I still ignore, or SB letter time after I've checked out my credit report?? Surely they are just trying it on here in the vain hope I will pay up??
  5. Now I'm REALLY liking this place! Will let you know how things progress, big thanks to babybear39 for all your help!.........................more to follow..........
  6. So bassically this is me telling them, it's too old, go away and leave me alone, coz you aint gettin a penny out of me?
  7. thanks for the template babybear39, but what is meant by the CAG one?
  8. So are you saying they are probably just mailing out to see what response they get? I've seen on here people calling them pratts, are the that bad?? I am going to ignore it ,and see what steps they take next - I'll expect another letter shortly and that too will get ignored. Awaiting confirmation from my bank, and IF they confirm my currently active account is more than 6 years old, then my old now closed account used to make payments for this alleged debt will also be over 6 years old - then SB it is!.....oh and my file is CLEAN!
  9. No worries - sorry I am relatively new to this forum thing!
  10. Before I request this report, what are the chances of them having reinstated against me? From what I understand they would been be pretty stupid to do this as the alleged debt is now so old - I’m not 100% sure on this though.
  11. I have not made payment from my current bank account to this alleged debt. I can check when I opened the account I currently have, and will come back on this.............. I haven't checked my file recently (in last 6 months), because it has been clean and healthy - are you saying this could now be on there? If so, how can they remove it and apply when they see fit? Would checking with Experian - Equifax do any damage as I know all searches are recorded?
  12. Unfortunately I have no records at all going back this far! I even have have a different bank account now too, so no going through old statements!
  13. Oh I intend to, I'm not even slightly worried by it - but should I do NOTHING at all?
  14. Hi all, Having recently received one of those nice little letters in a brown envelope from these chaps, I sought advice and ended up here! Wow - what a place, and now realise they must have bulk mailed recently. So do these shysters buy bad debt and use under hand tactics to recover whatever can? Do they generally only take on debt that is virtually impossible to recover? Mine goes back approx 6 years since any payment was made, and have not heard from them since. The thing is, it's all so long ago and I can't work out if it's 6 years exactely or not. What happens if it
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