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  1. While I appreciate the work done by volunteers, my experience has been that I have wasted time here. Yours is the first response since I bumped the thread on 24 Jan. Aren't there a lot of threads that end with unanswered questions? At least you have some feedback that, hopefully you will view constructively. Goodbye DumbRottie
  2. Ah well, I came here looking for advice but found nothing. Like a lot of threads it has just rusted away for lack of response. Now found a more useful source of information. Shame - it used to be better than this.
  3. Bump Just received reply to my LBA sent CEO, Lloyds Banking Group. Included in the letter was details of ignored letters and compensation paid by Lloyds for the same errors that they are making again. The level of incompetence being shown is unbelievable. Lloyds are playing silly beggars and are denying disputes although they show up in records obtained by way of SAR. So now its off to court for breach of COBS and BCOBS. Is there any help available - please? I would not want to mess this up and make case history in Lloyds favour! Dumb Rottie
  4. I have been in touch with the debt purchaser but so far they have just sent their complaints procedure that says they have eight weeks to answer my complaint. Unfortunately for them the 14 days I gave them expires very shortly and the letters to regulators are dated and ready to post at 14 + 2 days. Lloyds already have LBA. No undertaking received to cease activity while investigating complaint etc.
  5. Aren't they just! I have so many breaches of DPA, OFT guidelines, evasions, Consumer Protection to name but a few that it is difficult to know where to start. I was hoping for some guidance here, but there seem to be a lot of threads that never come to a conclusion. Mine looks like it may be another - just rusting away - no wonder they get away with it, when we can't stick together any more. So what's your plan? Mine is to lay it out to the CEO of LBG and give him 14 days to respond before it goes to Court for Breach of Statuary Duty. As I have now a carefull
  6. Well done you! But, a word of warning. Keep all the paper work in a nice safe place and hang a copy of your cheque, nicely framed, on the wall. Then when in a few weeks or months time, Lloyds debt collection process bursts in life again, you have all you nedd to give them a good spanking. I have two cheques - £200 + £50 - and letters from a number of DCA's chasing a closed account - including Apex. Do have fun DumbRottie
  7. Thanks Dx for moving the thread. I would appreciate guidance on what approach has been successful - any pitfalls to avoid and which regulatory bodies are the most effective in bringing Lloyds to book, Like many people on these forums I have been very badly treated by Lloyds who seem to believe that they are above any sort of responsibility for their actions In spite of the massive penalties they have to pay. How do I complain and to who. FOS I prefer to avoid because the are grindingly slow and seem to be ineffectual in dealing firmly with the banks. My intenti
  8. Mods,Please Can this thread pleased be moved to one involved in taking BCOBS/COBS action against Lloyds in all it's forms and reincarnations? This forum is fine for anyone worried about DCA's but I would really like some advice/tutorials on getting LBG out of my life altogether. Many thanks DumbRottie
  9. Reference the Supreme Court ruling. The OFT lost the case because the court ruled that they were not entitled to prosecute the banks. The Judges comments did include remarks that there were other avenues to follow but the OFT bottled out and wouldn't try again. Lloyds and others then proclaimed to all and sundry that this proved their charges were fair - which of course was not the ruling. They got off on a technicality. Unfortunately there followed a series of lost cases because, I suspect, the propaganda machine of the BBA convinced the county courts who f
  10. I've been ignoring them for literally years but now I am fed up with wondering what the next exploit is going to be. My health is not as good as it was and I need to be shot of them. I have been a Lloyds customer for many years as far as I can recall the late 80's. Account changed from Classic to Platinum 2001 The last payment was prior to Aug 2009 by one or two months at the most I can't see at the moment when they were defaulted, as defaults are shown for each month that is shown in Noddle. Doubt its statute barred yet. Sorry to be vague but I ne
  11. dx100 Thanks for responding In a nutshell, deliver a massive kick between the knees to Lloyds, who have been treating me very badly for years and get rid of them altogether. This account is closed but still being defaulted and chased by a string of DCA's. There is also a credit card in unresolved dispute being treated in the same cavalier fashion. Definitely being dealt with by the run-around dept. of Lloyds. I'm considering using BCOBS and COBS and would like guidance - they won't answer questions - fobbed off with FOS - disputed accounts passed
  12. Thanks for moving it - I would not of thought of posting here as I am really looking for advice on bringing Lloyds to book. Probably via Bcobs to start with. I obviously need to contact 1st Credit and tell them that Lloyds have sold them a turkey. I'm thinking of writing as follows: The Directors 1st Credit Limited The Omnibus Building Lesbourne Road Reigate Surrey RH2 7JP Dear Sirs Regarding your letter Ref 8888888 dated 9999999 in which you state that I owe £xxxx in respect of Lloyds Current Account ref 112233445566. I do not owe any such sum to
  13. My problem is - Lloyds have just sold an alleged debt on my closed current account to 1st Credit. They are already sending me discount offers and regular text messages to a number that Lloyds have removed from their system. And they claim to be "Data Controller for the Personal Data held in relation to your account" I have a letter from Lloyds apologising for passing a disputed current account to a Debt Collector. It confirms that the account is closed with a nil balance and there is nothing to pay. Oh yes, and they sent a cheque "for the distress and inconvenience c
  14. I don't want to muddy the waters at all but regarding penalty charges and the supreme court ruling, I seem to recall that the court did not rule that the charges were fair but that the Office of Fair Trading were not entitled to challenge them. A subtle difference that the banks don't seem to understand! Interestingly, during evidence LTSB gave to the Court, the penalty charge did not relate to the costs incurred but were a revenue stream. A bit different from what they are still telling their customers - but hey, you can't expect them to lie to
  15. And did you get anywhere with this? I have already paid my bill but now have a letter from eon under their UDS letterhead telling me that they may disconnect my supply unless I pay them £10. Perhaps I should dispute it and invoice them for £20 for the inconvenience. Perhaps like Centrica they are going to leave the country if they don't like having their horns pulled in. Now, where did I leave that spare packing material?
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