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  1. I tried to tell them where he lives but she wouldn’t take any details about him. The council just told me to go through rossendales. I know they are just doing their job, but it seems unfair that they won’t even contact him regarding the debt, even though he earns 5 times what I do.
  2. Hello, Today I have received 2 letters addressed to me and my ex from rossendales regarding a council tax debt from 2008/9. Liability order dated 2009. Total £950 (inc £75 charge for each debt) I had no idea this debt existed, not making excuses but it was from a very bad time in my life where I was subject to domestic and financial abuse from my ex. He has had no part in my life and I have an injunction against him so to see his name on a letter made me feel sick. I phoned rossendales and after much arguing and discussion, I was bullied into paying £80 a month. I ca
  3. Just an update on this- I have cleared the debt with the hay company, I paid it to their account directly even though they have not engaged in polite conversation with me. I am receiving numerous emails and text messages and calls from guard rec initially and now ‘Are you owed money’ which is the same company I believe. They continue to tell me that I owe nearly £600. I have engaged in writing twice telling them they need to contact the hay company as I have paid the debt. They ignored me both times and continue to virtually harass me. I block the number/email address an
  4. They are still saying I owe another £245 plus £225 in the fees they have paid guard rec, guard recs collection fees plus late payment interest! What should my next step be in dealing with the remainder of the debt? I don't believe I owe the £245 and they seem unwilling to provide me with the original invoice for said amount.
  5. Thanks. Yesterday I paid the £200 Today I have received an email from the hay company saying that Guard recs fees are legal and that I should contact guard rec directly so that I am not charged any more from them. They also said that they are forwarding the payment on to guard rec. What the actual?! I don't understand why they are being so damn unreasonable!!
  6. Hi, Thanks for all the advice so far. I sent a letter to the hay company (and emailed it too) stating everything advised above. They have not responded and I've also had no more contact from GuardRec. What do I do now? I do have the hay companies bank details, shall I pay the amount I believe I owe (£200) and write another letter saying I have made the payment and ask again for the original invoices for the other debt?
  7. So as a debt collection company and not bailiffs, they won't turn up at my door or escalate in any way? What do I do if the feed company will not correspond with me?
  8. Thank you for the replies. I contacted the feed company and they have forwarded the email to the debt collection company (guard rec)and told the debt collectors they won't deal with me directly. Guard rec have said to me that the fees are collection fees. I have told guard rec that I want to see the original invoices, they sent one that the hay company had provided which lists 3 separate orders, 2 of which I paid cash for as I remember doing! The third I believe is a genuine oversight on my account (£200) I am willing to pay the £200 off but not the rest. They haven't provided the origina
  9. Last week I received a voicemail from a man saying he was from guard rec and that I owed money to a hay and feed supplier. I emailed the company to clarify and got no response today have received an email saying that I owe £669!! I have never ordered more than £200 worth of goods and the last order was summer 2016 as I sold my horses after that. I can't remember if I paid that bill but it seems most likely that I didn't - which would have been an oversight I have received absolutely NO correspondence from the feed company reminding me to pay etc, I moved ho
  10. Thanks. I will write to them all on Monday. I have one late payment on my credit file (Capital one) but everything else is up to date other than a settled default which is about to come off my file. I have requested a new card from my bank, will that not suffice in stopping them taking a card payment? I know I only have myself to blame, but safetynet didn't help things, 2 months ago I had a limit of £700, I maxed it out and was late paying, I logged on a few weeks later to see the huge interest added and that they had upped my limit to £1100. Certainly don'
  11. Thankyou I will go and have a read. Luckily my husband pays the mortgage and council tax so at least that isn't a concern. Income wise, I earn £110 a week, which in reality is about £80 as I have to pay fuel costs. I also get carers allowance for caring for my disabled son and also DLA HRC LRM for him too. I haven't informed these companies of my financial problems. To be honest I've only really just admitted to myself that there is a problem today as safetynet made a card withdrawal and cleared my account this morning.. .I guess you could say it is a kick up
  12. I'm not really sure where to start but I've made some huge mistakes and have got myself into quite a bit of debt. I stupidly took out a payday loan/credit account with safetynet credit- that's where the problem started. I took it out when I wasn't working and each month they upped the limit until I couldn't afford to pay it back each month. So now I owe the £1000 + the interest is adding up. I also have a loan of £500 with pfp which I am paying back at £50 a month. 2 credit cards with capital one with a total of £1000 which I am behind with one payment. 2 store cards
  13. Thanks, I will do that. The default date on my credit fileis dated 2nd feb 2013 so it is recent.
  14. No I did not receive any default letters, the only thing I got was a statement of payment history and a covering letter saying "this is not a demand for payment". I wasn't making any payments towards the debt at that point.
  15. Hi, not sure if this is the right area to post in... 5 years ago I took out a loan through provident, to cut a long story short I was in a lot of debt... The last 3 years I have been working to pay off all my debt, I moved house several times and informed provident each time. My balance outstanding with them was £75. They got in touch in march this year asking me to pay and I paid the amount in full. I never received a demand for payment until they phoned me to collect payment. I have just checked my credit score and seen that they have put a default on my account in feb this yea
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