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  1. A couple of questions re Co-Operative Bank credit card. Brief background summary I have a credit card with the Co-Op with an outstanding balance of around £16k. This account has been in dispute with Co-Op since early 2009 and as far as I am concerned is caught up with an unlawful rescission and they did not meet my S.78 requests. They should not have continued to apply interest to the balance and this was the case during 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 but I can see from my latest Experian credit file enquiry that the Co-Op still have the account in their name rather t
  2. Yes, I agree hold fire. I am in the same situation. I plan to wait to see something more than computer generated standard letters. I dont want to open up any dialogue with these guys as I belive its all phishing at the moment to see who is going to reply to us so we can hassle them.
  3. Also in your post above you mentioned I now have CONTRACT with the Debt Purchaser when I only had an AGREEMENT with the original Credit Card company?
  4. Thanks for your reply! Well I suppose if you ask the question then the reply may not be what you want to hear. I note what you are saying re charging orders, Court Jdgements etc.. but surely if they had a 'water tight' case against me then I ask myself why haven't they taken me to court, why hasn't one of the 4 DCA's taken me to Court, why sell the Debt on (for what 10% max?) to this new company? This has been going on for 4 years now and I have dealt with 4 DCA's and the original Credit Card company couldn't produce a copy of my original Agreement. They couldnt even knock one
  5. I did a search to see if this has been debated before but couldnt find anything - unless its tied up with ongoing threads that have been going a while and a thread started has moved on with later posts discussing this? Thanks,
  6. Dear All, I have an outstanding balance on a credit card (approx. £11k and nearly 4 years old) and have received a letter saying in a round about way that the debt has now been sold on to another company. The main sentance/wording of the letter I received from these new owners goes:- "... we have had assigned to us all right, title, interest and benefit in the debts due in relation to the account ....." I don’t think it matters which credit card company it is or which DCAs have been hassling me for the last 4 years, I am interested as ageneral point that I now believe that as th
  7. Brig, the CRA that I currently use to keep a check on has all the Credit Cards that I have (and wish to keep an eye on) then is that not sufficient? I would have thought that if the credit card companies send information to say 2 of the 3 CRA's or even all 3 CRA's then they surely have to send the same information? Else, do they update the ones they use with sometimes different information - surely not!!? Thanks,
  8. Thanks Brig and Natalie for taking the time to post here.I think I will look at checking the other two CRA's that I dont currently look at.If it (i,e the debt) does pop up again it will be interesting to see who it is and if I receive any letters or phone calls about it. Thanks,
  9. Hi Brig, thanks for your input. Debt sold on sounds like that could be the answerhere. Not sure if that would be good news or not!? I have signed up one of the main CRA's but hadn't thought about regularly looking at other CRA's to see what they have on file for my credit history. Is it worth checkin the other CRA's as I have always thought that if I keep an eye on one that would be enough?Thanks,
  10. Hi. Just a quick question that I would be grateful for someone to offer some thoughts on. I have had an ongoing disput with one of the big credit card companies which reached a stale mate position several months ago and I have heard nothing since. It is not over 6 years old (about 3 years old) so not statute barred. I have over the last few months been pulling off my credit file from one of the main CRA's and the credit card debt has just sat there no change. I called up my credit file this month and the entry has now gone - no mention or record at? The numbering of the entries for other credi
  11. Hi Stigman and Cecil, thank you both very much for your comments regarding my questions on this thread. I appreciate your input. My original SAR only produced an application form for this credit card (which was opened way back early 1990's). I have had the usual letters pointing out that as I have used the card and spent the credit avaialble had previously paid my monthly statement on time etc.. that I have clearly shown that I have obviously accepted the terms and conditions etc... etc.. and therefore the agreement is valid and I should pay up. Does anyone have a view point on credit car
  12. Hi, I have an issue with the Co-Operative bank and a credit card account that I have with them. Firstly I have evidence that they have issued incorrect default notices and termination notice as the required numbers of days was not correctly given. I have pointed this fact out to them and they issued revised default notices and a second termination notice (this time allowing the correct number of days). I have rejected their reissuing of the default notice and again pointed out their original error. I obviously kept copies of all their letters.
  13. Hi PGH7447, yes I am going to make them an offer as a full and final on the back of going in hard on the other points raised above. Thanks,
  14. Hi, just looking back over my papers (notices received) the actual arrears quoted is actually only about £600. The £3,000 mentioned above is what they are seeking as their minimum payment required as per their statements. Thanks,
  15. Thanks for your input JSA12 - useful link to a summary of Judge Waksman in the 'Carey v HSBC' case from your link. By the way the bank I am refering to in my postings is not HSBC). I think the bank that have sent me the letter would proberbly try and argue that the incorrect Termination letter sent to me (not allowing 14 days notice) was an administrative error - to which they have now months later tried to 'correct' by reissuing and sending along with an apology and a £700 credit to my account as a goodwill gesture. The couple of lines in the letetr offering apologies and financial
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