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  1. Yup And best avoid mentioning 'complaints', you are selling after all! You don't want to put the seller off, not if you can help it, any credit/debit due will be nominal when compared to the sale itself too Equally, you need to answer honestly when dealing with precontracts though, so probably best keep it simple, simply say something to your Solicitor to the effect that - you understand that there may be a credit due for previous Service Charges - you'd like Solicitors acting for the various parties to deal with the formalities of credits/debits, so that the expected cr
  2. Hi, wouldn't it be quicker to - speak with the Solicitors dealing with the sale, explain the situation - ask for this to be taken in to account at time of completion by way of retentions - and once the finalised Service Charge accounts are available have the appropriate credit / debit made in favour of the soon to be ex-leaseholder... If there's a credit due in your friend's favour then the respective Solicitors acting for the vendor / purchaser can deal with this No need to get the HA involved... save for them to provide the figures in due course Sorry if I've missed
  3. Oops. Just seen this original post is from 2009!
  4. Human rights? Sorry, I can't really comment on the 'human rights' angle of your post - but hopefully this message will serve as a 'bump' for those who CAN offer some useful feedback... I've not been on CAG for awhile either, but hope the following DOES help you in some way Last year I did not enjoy my time signing on - three young children, two of whom had to come in to the JC with me, other claimants in the queues acting like idiots, in front of my children too (yet the staff, in the main, we're very pleasant...save one, as I recall), waiting times beyond what was reasonable, just n
  5. Sad sam, sorry to read of your troubles Andy, hi, it's been awhile... Sad sam, I always read what andydd has to say with some interest, but here I'm sure he will agree that you and your fellow leaseholders really need to seriously consider getting a suitably experienced firm of solicitors on board as soon as you can. If you can do it collectively as all leaseholders together that could be useful, as you could also be in to the realms of : - using the LVT for your own ends, to question the reasonableness of all charges, including insurances and the like, - reviewing time
  6. Rarely come on to CAG now, but saw the post, above, and thought...er, hang on a bit CAG seems, to me, to serve a useful purpose at times, best not to knock it too much. So, with that in mind, why did you come here in the first place? Did you find CAG to be generally quite useful when you needed assistance too? Hope so The pub analogy is probably a useful one though, save that most here seem to make it clear they are NOT lawyers (unlike a pub, perhaps ) and most here certainly seemed to say 'seek proper advice' too. That said, I recall Aequitas may have a 'legal' background out
  7. Not been on CAG for a little while, but really pleased to return to hear your news! When I read that your friend was "...asked if they would like be in a forum which they want to setup for people in there circumstances to have a say and help improve services." I had to chuckle too... Especially as I also then read that your friend "noticed that the above information was contradicting all the housings information and documentation to tenants. Also the housing was quoting paragraphs from Acts but not the full paragraph as if they put the full paragraph it was there in black and wh
  8. Steve_M "Get someone else to view the video, preferably an awkward sod, and see if they agree with you. Don't ask a mate who'd back you up whatever! Also it may be a good idea to write down a transcript of the recording for your defence. Maybe you could post bits of the transcript here to see what others think (not me cos I'm going on holiday in a few minutes)." I recall that a taped conversation is not admissable, but a transcript of it is... First though, it may well be that you can use the contents of the same to cast a huge shadow over his intergrity as a landlord/witne
  9. Ed999, I've read your other posts with some interest, and andydd and I have swopped messages before, so (for whatever it is worth) I think he and I have the measure of each other (andy, hi, btw ) but leasehold disputes really need not be daunting for leaseholders Blondie1973 needs to go back through the lease, if not done already (posting here and elsewhere if any queries) Also, the Residential Property Tribunal Service website http://www.rpts.gov.uk/ is quite easy to search through previous determinations - and can also be used to check / research quite what an Agent may really be like
  10. EmmaH92, hi, I'm posting this on the off chance you return to this forum... If you haven't done so already, simply contact both your Local Authority Environmental Health Officer, who should certainly be able to assist - and also your Student Union Rep who may be able to help out too The LA 'EHO' may take a short while to come back to you (some EHO's can be very busy), but if you briefly summarise the problems you are experiencing they will inspect as soon as they can - and will tend then to formally write to the Landlord on your behalf too, which should make things easier for you
  11. BUT the costs STILL need to be 'reasonable' , otherwise they can be challenged in the LVT too Also, even if, on the face of it, the cost of works seems to be below the level needed for consultation, what was the TOTAL cost for the job, inclusive of all VAT, fees, disbursements and administrative costs and so on.... over the years I've seen Agents try and split bills etc, so as to try and keep the cost of works below the level needed for consultation... sometimes successfully, sometimes not So, in Blondie1973's case, what was the total, overall costs? And, back to Andy's point of "i
  12. Blondie1973, a small apology, haven't really been around, but quickly read through the posts with some interest - and some concern. Few quick questions for you: a) Why were the repairs to the pool needed so soon in the life cycle of the equipment? What reasons did the Agent give - and did you have any thoughts as to whether the Agent's reasons were valid, or not? b) I'm a little concerned as to why you (and other leaseholders) are being asked to effectively make up the shortfall due to the '10-flat owner' not paying - so, who IS your Agent and who IS your Freeholder (pls PM the
  13. Sorry to come in at the tail end of a thread, but there's a thought niggling away - trust OK to share and in no way do I wish to offer false hope In no particular order - is the Agent a member of any professional governing body? RICS would be useful, NAEA, ARLA, and ARMA are others to look for... - is the Agent a small independant, or part of a larger chain i.e. one with a potentially more 'useful' complaints procedure - Misrepresentation Act 1967 ? How much can you document, or prove though? - Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 does not apply to rentals, as I recall (althoug
  14. 'Decent' buildings insurance cover would tend to cover damage done to the fabric of the building (redecoration etc) - and should also include for 'trace and access' cover, if the source of the water leak is not obvious. From an Agent's perspective that's a useful thing to have In your scenario (the 'accidental water leak') it would just be one of those things - and relatively simple to resolve Here, though, you have a tenant who has not once, but twice, caused a problem (the second incident arguably being worse, perhaps) - and it is at this point that the tenant's liability and, to m
  15. MrShed, hi, jumping straight in, as off out the door shortly... All these years dealing first hand with water leaks (just for starters) and you're making me reconsider my position here - one that has never been argued against (successfully) out in the so called real world Slick132 says "Tenant failed to properly tighten T's w/m hose to LL's w/m connector tap - this was witnessed and established, without doubt" and, further, when the problem was identified the tenant made the problem worse - resulting in damage to two flats (which, tbh, takes some doing) The landlord is not negl
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