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  1. Surely third parties have no right to access data relating to myself, this is in breach of the data protection act? and if this is the case then the oc has no right to pass the debt on?
  2. Default date is 2008 - there has to be some kind of action I can take, they are not supposed to default you while in dispute.
  3. Yes it is and I have told them more times than I can remember that I do not acknowledge a debt to them but I need it removing from my file. Thanks.
  4. Yes It is in dispute, I provided all the information to 1st Credit regarding the dispute including times and dates and also that Halifax had failed to supply me with my agreement (all they sent was an application formthat was void of the prescribed terms), also reported them to trading standards for harrasment for pursuing the debt while in dispute. I did receive a notice of assignment but told them to basically go away as the Halifax had failed to comply with my CCA request. I have a folder full of all the paperwork including an LBA I issued to a company of solicitors in leeds and they back
  5. Only checked on noddle but the only default is with 1st credit, so what you're saying is that the banks can do as they please? There has to be someone I can take this up with, the banks are making a mockery of the system and the system/rules are put there to protect the average joe just like me and you. What would be your course of action to have this removed? Thanks.
  6. Hi, last financial transaction was august 2009 and has been in dispute since october 2009, the debt is unenforcable thats why they have made offers - Halifax have failed to respond to my dispute yet 1st credit have said they now own the debt, Halifax cannot sell the debt on while its in dispute so therefore i am assuming that 1st credit have put the default on my credit file and they have no right at all. Thanks.
  7. 6 Months in/out ? I have no idea what you mean, I thought that if an account was in dispute then the debt could not be sold/passed on? - it seems like the banks can do as they please while ignoring legislation. What can I do to remove this or even change it to dispute on my file? This has been going on for over 12 months with 1st Credit and I have had the original sum of £2000 reduced to an offer from them to pay £600 for full payment, I have asked them to take court action but they have so far declined, but now I really need this default notice removing, las
  8. Hi, back in 2009 I did a CCA request with Halifax and after them failing to supply me with the relevant documentation I was passed on to various collection agencies who in turn failed and returned it back to Halifax for resolution. 1st Credit however have failed to pass the dispute back to Halifax and have now lodged a default on my Credit file, surely they cannot do this, I have informed them numerous times that Halifax have failed to respond to my requests. How would I get this removed? Thanks
  9. Just a quick update, I received a collection letter from a different DCA last week, I have sent them a letter to explain the account is in dispute and not to contact me again other than to say they have passed the file back to Halifax, also been in touch with FOS again and they have passed it on to another department now because of Halifax's failure to comply. Will keep you updated. Thanks.
  10. Sim Only deal from Tesco Mobile - 100 minutes + Unlimited Texts on a 30 day contract £6 per month. http://www.tescomobilepaymonthly.com/sim-only-deals/ Seems to be unbeatable at the moment
  11. Thanks for the replys, I will ring them tomorrow and let you know what happens. Thanks.
  12. Hi, just a quick update, the 8 weeks are up now that FOS has said we should have a reply in. We are filling in the next form that the FOS sent with the initial letter and will see what happens next. We have heard nothing whatsoever from Halifax or any DCA. I will keep you updated. Thanks
  13. Hello, At the moment i am i the process of trying to claim my bank charges back from the Halifax due to the snowball effect on my Halifax account it led to my electricity bill that is with british gas to be unpaid for quite a number of months. I rang British Gas to make an arrangement to pay off the arrears and they told me they would only accept £196 per month this is way beyond my reach but had no option to pay, although i have paid the amount for the past 6 months its leaving other bills unpaid and I feel like it is spiralling out of controle, I called them last month and the payments hav
  14. Not received anything from anyone, the 21 days are up, just wodering what to do next, I sent you an email last week, hope you got it. Thanks.
  15. Once again I thank you, I did find the telephone calls difficult to make but found myself wanting to do them, very strange If you need to email me the letter I can send you my email via pm or just post the letter on the forum. Thanks.
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