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  1. I have sent Fenton Cooper CCA Request and Dispute letter they still havent responded since October.


    Rockwell are still receiving payment for the same debt that they have been since 2000.


    I got a phone call from Rockwell this morning to my shock on my home phone and I have never given them my phone number, is this now harrasement.


    They are breaking so many OFT rules and I have spoken to them before but they are doing nothing, im now writing to my MP cos I can not afford anymore than they are getting even though they havent even supplied a CCA.


    Any advice appreciated

  2. I have just received a letter from 1st Credit demanding payment of 5900, basically I had a payment arrangement with Wescott for the sum of 6900 which i believe was coming out my account as a standing order was set up. However I got divorced and I guess that he bank account was closed with all payments being stopped. I have no copy of CCA nor a copy of any other correspondence from Wescot apart from acceptance of my payment plan set up with them that was back in 2005, they have now written to me via 1st Credit with a 1000 change in the amount therefore they must of had some money, my ex decided he was gong to distroy all my paperwork when we were together so I have no information on this debt at all. 1st Credit have said that they were sold the debt in 2006 however ive never received any paperwork probably because I have moved. 1st Credit wanted me to send them a copy of my signature and I have refused they were stating that they had my credit agreement in front of them, what would you advise?

  3. I have been harrased by Rockwell debt collection for a loan and credit card which they said they sold to a company called Fenton Cooper I have asked for a CCA agreement and they have failed to supply this from 30 September I have now sent them a dispute letter, I have since received another letter from a company called 1st Credit who have said own the debt for the loan and where sold it by Northern Rock and are going to take me to court. Is this legal since I have the account in dispute with Fenton Cooper and Rockwell for Northern Rock, none of the amounts match either and Rockwell have been paid and have been being paid since 2005 and payments have never been broken they are still continuing to take payment.


    1st Credit wanted me to send them a copy of my signature too... I was like I think not.


    Whats your advise??

  4. these guys wont accept my offer of payment even though they are still taking it without me putting a charge on the property, even though they can see that i cant afford anymore than im offering from my income and expenditure, I saw a solicitor today who is going to right to them but worried what will happen if they wont agree a sum of repayment, its not a ccj

  5. Quick question can a DCA take a partners car if he is paying the loan for it and its the only car in the household and we are a family and he uses it to get to and from work?

    The car is in my name at the moment and had to be due to the fact he has only just passed his test however its him thats paying for it, therefore its his car, also the debt is only in my name?

  6. at the moment they are saying they know they house is worth 140k but thats only showing on my equifax which is where they got the information from as they confirmed that, but it doesnt show its shared ownership and thats the price I paid before the ecconomy crashed, its not worth that now, only 120k and housing association own 25% of it, there are are already 3 charges in the property, the bank, mine and housing association

  7. Yep done both of them, been to OFT and Financial Ombusman but both have to wait 8 weeks before being allowed to take action on the matter and I think in that time Fenton are screwing me over. Everyone ive spoken too seems to want to take my partners money and assets to recover the debt, even though the debt is just mine from previous marriage and was never secured on the property

  8. nope fentons havent got a ccj on the debt but I do have a ccj to barclays which im paying and a agreement with link financial, I have gone down the root of getting dmp but they are saying that I have to treat everyone the same and ive nearly paid the other two off and if i start to rock the boat so the speak I will have them back on my butt too. I havent stopped paying as want court to see that im not backing out of paying dont want to give them amunition so to speak in order to file a default. However they have stated on equifax ive never made payment which is lies is this legal?

  9. Ok now what guys kinda stuffed well and truely tried everything to reason with these guys now its getting to me:


    was chased by fenton cooper for full repayment of 18k even though since 2005 i have been paying rockwell an agreed 10 a month on each loan and credit card totaling 20 a month.


    fenton cooper started threatening me with my house with a charging order on my property, even though its shared ownership

    I offered them 65 a month and asked for proof of CCA agreement, I have also sent them income and expenditure which shows I only have 75 a month left so 65 is all i could afford. I have also sent them the dispute letter as they have failed to comply with my request for details of CCA and all documentation, they still havent sent me full statement and are ignoring all requests for this.

    They wrote to me today with the following options and they will leave me alone


    pay up 11,500 by end of november

    pay 250 a month

    pay 65 a month as ive stated all I can afford and volunteraly put a charge on my property


    Since this I had arranged to find a way to pay the 11,500 but that has just fallen through because they have no logged a file on my equifax as default not showing any payments made since 2005, I orginally defaulted because I was out of work in 2004 for a long period of time, wasnt very well and the fact I was going through divorce I have tried everything to reason with these people but they arent listening nor are they accepting my payments, nor the fact that the 970 that ive already paid has been acknowledged, im really worried that they are going to get an interim order on the property stating that ive defaulted as thats what they have logged on my equifax saying i havent paid since the loan began in 2004.


    Help please

  10. With regards to the CCA they have stated in their letter that they have been ordered as requested although they are in the hands of the vendor (IF) as to when same are received. We further confirm we have received correspondence from the Financial Ombudsman and a copy of this letter has been forwarded to them for their records.


    They then go on to write:


    Payment plans shoudl be reviewed on a regular basis and a letter was sent to you regarding this on 11th Sept 2009 by our collegues Rockwell to your previous address 25 Bullington Walk (I have never ever lived at this address) Rockwell passed the matter to ourselves and following investigations we obtained your new address


    As advised in our letter of 6th October a review of your payment plan is now due and an increase required . As you state in your letter you have been making payments at the same rate since 2005. We look forward to receiving the requested information as per our letter dated 6th October within the next seven days


    Guys need your help on this one they want me to list my assets and my house is currently up for sale due to not being able to afford it anymore so dont want them to put a charge on the property for this as it would stop me from moving out

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