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  1. Really confussed and hoping that someone can give me some advice, every year im getting the same letter then nothing for the rest of the year and no chasing every year im threated court action and it never happens, ive appealled it twice but never get a response apparently overpayment is between Aug 16th 2007 -Sept 15th 2007 because of change in circumstances, however I was unaware this was happening. Partner cant of moved in with me on 15th August as we were on holiday abroad for 2 weeks. Statement of events so far, I am at a lost as to what to do. I can not afford to pay this over th
  2. Tigi

    Samsung Cashback

    I bought a laptop from PC World in August which was a Samsung model which came with a £100 cashback offer, I sent my cashback form via post with all the relevant documents and received an email from Samsung to confirm receipt of it and that it would be processed within 30-45 days for purchase. On day 50 I had still not received anything from Samsung so I phoned them up to find out what was happening, I was told that they had a massive backlog and they gave me a reference number, still not confirmation as to when I would receive the cheque and that it could take another 45 days. I have had a
  3. Yep fully understand that but how comes before he was due to leave it was a no to being able to be part time or flexible but now he is leaving they have offered him that, either there is a business need there or there isnt doesnt make much sense, but yeah agree its now their loss as he has got another job which fits perfectly with the hours he needs.
  4. In October my partner requested under the flexbile working act to work from work till 2pm and then 2pm till 5.30 from home via Laptop, this is due to being a carer for a disabled son and needing to be around for the school run which our disabled son gets distressed about and needs to be carried everywhere and is over 15kg, we have 3 children one in a pushchair. Anyway this was denied even though they knew all the reasons but never put in writing despite chasing Directors, Managers and HR. The reasons they gave where the team was too small, he had to be based at work and that they were conce
  5. with regards to the accident its in the hands of the insurance company and liability has not been admitted by us we are allowing the insurers to battle that out, the fact that they are still parking there even though they have a drive way empty is what we want to get stopped to avoid there ever being this situation again, also we exchanged all details with the party at the time of the accident and informed our insurance company, we still havent got their full details and they have failed to give them even though they have been asked, we have passed their reg number to the insurance company to
  6. yes mine has too with police involvement now too, the police have had get involved as the other party is constantly knocking on my door with regards to the accident that occured because of the parking situation and has admitted to knowing that I am in, therefore must be watching me in and out of the house.
  7. Hi its a private road shared between us, neighbours (both own our properties) and the neighbours (rented) that are causing the issues. Its freehold and each owner has a copy of the deeds which states no parking at any time on the access road anywhere shaded green or yellow on the said plan. No penalties have been mentioned in the deeds.
  8. Hi i wonder if someone can help me, what happens if a tennant of a landlords house is breaking their deeds, we have a access road which allows access to all our properties, the deeds state no parking, blocking at any time on the access road and they keep having people that are visiting them parked then sometimes even when there is no one parked in their driveway and they have room for two cars, this makes it extemley difficult for both us and our neighbours to get our cars out and its recently caused a iccident. Thanks
  9. Thanks for all your help though, I know what you mean ive been racking my brain too, gonna see what the bank can come up with too.
  10. have no proof of name or address (name changed), ex destroyed all of that too arnt I the lucky one to meet such a lovely person
  11. They have given a Credit Card number but no other details, Northern Rock want a password that was put on the account when it was opened.
  12. Thats just the problem Northern Rock are saying unless I can remember what the details are they cant speak to me due to Data Protection but because I dont have any information on it they wont speak to me. Im trying to get the information from the Bank see if they can come up with previous bank statements.
  13. From what I can see last payment was recorded in October 2005 I can not find anything to prove this as ex distroyed everything I had financial.
  14. They have left it a year before replying to the letter therefore are way out of their timeframe to reply in and the letter was suggested to send from here, it was also checked by CAB and apparently it was the correct letter to send confussed have only sent what I thought was correct on advice given, hence why I am confused as to what to do as they seem to ignore all letters you send to them anyway.
  15. This was the letter that was sent to them regarding CA. You have failed to respond to my legal request to supply me a true copy of the original Consumer Credit Agreement for the above account. On 21st November 2009 I made a formal request for a true-signed agreement for the alleged account under consumer credit Act 1974 s77/8. This was signed for document sent by Royal Mail and I have proof of posting. You have failed to comply with my request, and as such the account entered default on 5th December 2010. The document that you are obliged to send me is a true copy of the e
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