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  1. I was working until I became very sick in August. As I had just recently changed jobs and had only been at my new job for a few weeks, they couldn't pay me SSP so I put in a claim for ESA. In the meantime my husband was signing on at his local Jobcentre but not receiving any payments. Then out the blue, he started receiving just over 50.00 a fortnight. We were shocked and couldn't understand why he had started receiving payments for 1. He had always been old he hadn't paid enough NI Contributions. 2. We were in receipt of WTC and 3. Because of my part time wages. He receives Carers C
  2. Thanks for reply. They have all my details. RE WTC, I have already informed them. They say there is no change, other than I may be entitled to more depending on how much ESA I eventually receive and also because I am no longer receiving a wage. As I had thought WTC is paid up to 26 weeks. I am having a nightmare as the fact we have joint WTC they had started paying my husband some JSA, even although JSA were aware how much WTC we were receiving. I told them months ago, yet he has had some payments in today which he should not have received. He has taken my last few wage slips and WTC lett
  3. I was informed by someone at Payroll Dept it was posted on Monday. As it is now Friday, I should have received it by now. The whole thing is turning into a nightmare. Thanks for your reply
  4. Thanks for feedback. Realize that now. I guess I will be on CB ESA
  5. Hi, As I am not used to this Forum I initially posted in the wrong place so now posting in the appropriate place. My problem is this. I have been on the sick since August 19th. My present company won't pay me SSP because 1) I haven't been with this employer long enough (started July 24th) and 2) It is zero contract hours. I am registered disabled but recently have new added medical conditions (waiting to be assessed by Neurology) I also receive 125.00 per week WTC which I believe is paid for up to 26 weeks. My husband is currently unemployed although seeking employment and although si
  6. Hi I got home from work tonight and my husband informed me the Landlord and his partner had come round at 10.30am. I am not happy about this as he didnt call either of us to give any Notice. The last time he called me around Christmas time and said he wanted to see the flat as he hadnt seen it since we moved in. I said that was fine but asked him to give us at least 24 hours Notice of when he was coming. My husband had just come off nights. He said he wanted some chairs which were here. My husband didnt invite them in and went to get the chairs. The Landlord just walked in uninv
  7. Ok thank you for your help. I was informed i could go to any other Tesco store except that one although after what has happened it has put me off them for life. Thanks for trying to help. Much appreciated.
  8. Hi Thank you for your reply. If you mean by arrested were we taken to the Police station then no. Several officers had said to me they werent charging me with anything. One member of staff said i hadnt done anything wrong but still took my clubcard which is no big deal. They then went to speak to the staff in private. After they came back one officer said to me "in fact we are chargoing YOU Also with theft. I asked on what grounds as i had handed my pen to my husband and had walked away. he wouldnt tell me he just said "We are saving it for Court".
  9. Thanks. I wrote the letter to Head \office on 17/01/13 and it was about a week after the incident so i reckon it happened somewhere between the 7-13 January. but a lawyer i spoke to said it can take up to 3 months to hear anything back
  10. Thanks D x Its difficult playing the waiting game and also being worried about future pre employment checks
  11. I am confused as the letter from Head office says "Pending with the Police" not " Pending with the Court" so does this mean the Police decide if it goes to |Court?
  12. whats RLP? cant remember exact date was mid Jan. I mean the officer came back after speaking to staff and said he was charging me also with theft. (After the member of staff said id done nothing wrong and after another officer informed me i wouldnt be charged) Before this several Police officers had said to me "we are not charging you with anything" when i had said i want a lawyer.
  13. Please see my reply below. We are waiting for a letter to let us know what they intend doing about it it will clearly be the decision of the PF. They didnt take us to the Station
  14. Thanks Which Forum as i couldnt find one in relation to my Query
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