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  1. Council tax arrears will be cleared if you can meet the criteria. You must have lost the right to pay monthly and been contacted by the sheriff officer. As for CSA I can confirm that in Scotland ALL CSA ARREARS ARE WIPED and you are only left paying the amount set by them. You DO NOT have to pay any more arrears to them.
  2. Ring the accountant in Bankruptcy and they will send you one out 0300 200 2600
  3. Ive had my meeting with my trustee today and it's as I thought..........CSA arrears ARE included in sequestration and are added to the bankruptcy. Maybe the rules on this have changed a wee bit since yours Indian, but she confirmed this to me this morning.
  4. Thats strange because I was told by my trustee and some research I did said that in Scotland that csa arrears are cleared unlike in Englanshire
  5. I t seems like someone posted and then removed it so My comments ay not read in the proper order
  6. Hi babybear, I appliied for it myself Had debts of 22k Renting a furnished flat now I have a full time job 2 csa cases one is for 2 kids (2.2k arrears allegedly) in England and the other is my year old which i see every week for 2 days (no arrears) I have nothing of value at all. My car is on HP with close finance. value £2,900 2 1/2 years still to pay on it. Will they let me keep it as I need it to get to work. If I cant keep it then I will lose my job as I am a trainee and work either very very early or very very late shifts, so cant use public transport. I also need i
  7. I sent my app pack off on Friday just gone by next day delivery. The Accountant in Bankruptcy called me to clarify a few details on Monday morning. I called them back on Tuesday afternoon to see what stage my application was at and was told my papers were heard at court Monday afternoon and the award was made then. I didnt realise it would be that quick but I have to say that's a huge weight off my shoulders. Can anyone tell me what impact this REALLY has on my life now. I've read all the paper work and understand the financial implications but I'd like to know the real life issues it
  8. Can someone please answer a couple of questions thanks. I have filled out the debtors app and will be sending it in very soon. I cant find the answers and keep getting mixed responses. I have applied for a coop basic account and have been accepted for it, but my question is this; Will I be able to keep this account after I have been sequestrated? Who freezes the accounts if indeed it happens? Will they freeze it even though I have just opened it? How long will it take from the sequestration being granted to the register of insolvencies being updated and any acco
  9. Yeah thanks I went to see them and she didnt seem overly confident herself but all fields are filled in and all evidence is there so its just a case of posting and waiting for whatever happens I suppose. While Im here does anyone know who or where will give me a bank account for the bankruptcy??? Thanks again
  10. I have the pack which says to be completed if you are applying for your own bankruptcy
  11. I am completing the debtors pack and wondered if there are any experts near Inverkeithing that could help me to complete it as it says they wont process the pack if completed wrongly. Thanks for any help its greatly appreciated Keith
  12. Before I begin forgive me if I dont explain properly but Ill try. I had a wages arrestment before with Universal credit and Nolan solicitors of Kirkintilloch enforced it. I then moved jobs and obviously it stopped. In between moving jobs etc I split up with my partner and moved house on the 1st Oct 11. My ex passed on some letters to me in the middle of Dec. One of the letters stated that On the 15th Dec 11 an arrestment was sent to my employer with a decree for a wages arrestment. It had my old address on it and was dated after I moved. No papers were served by a sherri
  13. Following on from my last post about going into sequestration, I am having trouble getting my 'copy' of the charge for paperwork verified as a true copy. I spoke to the accountant in bankruptcy and one person seems to think they won't accept a photocopy but another seems to think they will. I am confused as how to proceed. I don't have the original paperwork for some reason. Can I still apply for sequestration without it. I have a wages arrestment for the debt and all of the paperwork relating to the arrestment to back up my application. Can anyone give me some info regarding what I shou
  14. One thing for sure its not a quick fix. I cant get cretit and havent been able to for the past 10 years or so, so that will not bother me. I have had one of the shining light moments since things have come to a head and fully intend to save save and save every penny I can from now on which wont be a lot but all the same will be something. Hopefull this will be a sort of blessing in disguise although a rather shocking one and eventually I will be able to live normally again.
  15. Well the meeting with the solicitor covered my income and outgoings and I have basically £80 something to provide me with food and clothing per month. He said I dont have enough to pay anyone anything this is why sequestration is my best option. I will give you the full run down. I earn £27,500 pa and pay out £350 csa through deduction from earnings £150 seperate child maintainance and have a deduction from earnings for £157 pm by one of my creditors. My fuel to work and back is well over £200 pm as I travel over 100 miles each day so I really dont have the proverbial pot to pee in. My car is
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