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  1. Thanks DX.. Like i have said before, you use whatever tools you have at your disposal,and you use them in a way to get the best possible outcome.... I could very easily have accepted that the application they sent was a proper agreement...and still paying..... Sometimes you are left with little or no choice....
  2. I asked for Lowells to obtain the original agreement. Lowells replied with..Argos unable to find original agreement...account closed and sent back to Argos.
  3. Have you kept the letter from Arrow Global stating that they cannot find an original agreement and terms and conditions?? If so, send this new bunch of leeches a copy of that letter... Its unenforceable....they have no agreement...... Once they realize that it will very probably get pushed on to another blood sucking parasite.. As already mentioned before...when did the alleged debt start from???? If its over 6 years old its statute barred.......dead....no chance of payments ..ever....
  4. *Update* They have no credit agreement. They have sent terms and conditions from 2010, so not even the original terms and conditions linked with the original account.. The way this company have behaved from the start of financial difficulties,the lack of helpful customer services, the incessant telephone calls,and the inability to behave in a professional manner, means this account will never be repaid..... Its unenforceable in court, and they can go suck eggs.......
  5. Sorry,forgot, they sent in separate envelope Barclaycard terms and conditions Steve
  6. Hi all, Barclaycard have been a total pain..all started a couple of months back when they tried to take 2 lots of money out of my account in the same month,this left me overdrawn and i had charges added to my own account and from Barclaycard. I complained and got all charges refunded. I have complained to Barclaycard that as a result of the mix up it has knocked my very fine finances out of balance,and it has caused me 2 fall behind with 2 payments on my arrangement with Barclaycard. I have put everything in writing and the complaint should be settled by 28th December. I was also rec
  7. I never knew about the TPS, until you guys mentioned it in this thread... ..i signed up a few days ago.. ..i was getting up to a dozen calls per day.... ...i have not had a single call for 3 days... ..only those form friends and family..... .....Great advice........ Thanks Steve
  8. We refused to sign any document,and reminded them that in asking for personal info.. if they were not sure who the person was in the 1st place,it must be a breach of the DPA.... Letter received back from Very yesterday 10th December, they are putting together the information requested and will forward it on in due course........no further request for siganture or additional information...
  9. ******Update***** Letter received yesterday 10th December from Very..... They have acknowledged our request for the SAR, and no mention of them wanting any more proof of ownership,we refused to sign anything..... Still no sign of the CCA,so we sent off the account in default letter on Friday 9th December.
  10. PJC do you have an answer machine with the phone? We set ours to ring 3 times and then it goes onto answer machine.... We check the last no. called info,and unless we recognise caller id we just delete any messages left without listening to them. Dont talk on the phone, you will only get yourself more upset, angry...... Take care Steve
  11. Cheers everyone,will update as more info arrives. Just to confirm that token payments have been made monthly,but never had any statements or calls from Argos. This is one of those debts that has been made on auto pilot...always by the same payment slip barcode at the post office. Anyway..brain engaged again,and will keep you updated.... Thanks again all......
  12. Thanks DX, Like i said it does not show on the CRA,only found that out last week after an up to date check on Equifax. Part of my problem is that i have been running our own DMP for the last 5 years, and after our daughter became unwell i kind of took my eye off things ,its only now im starting to try and regain control. So we will await the return of the CCA from Argos and the Sar sometime later,see what that brings. Will update as it happens. Only real dilema at the moment is do we pay Lowells not knowing what we actually owe for sure?? Thanks Steve
  13. Cheers guys,and Connif, i read the posts, i take note of all advice given, i learn something new every time i come onto this very helpful and informative site... ...and i take your views on board. Thank you
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