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  1. thought so collections dept DO NOT CALL THAT No 08456006283 or you will end up in a call center in india! i have a formal complaint ongoing reguarding thier misleading letters demanding payment
  2. right i presume the letter from **** is demanding full payment? does the letter have a ref no CLSOL1? AND PLEASE CONTACT 0845 6006283
  3. Comic letter from Robbers Way anything sent by these bunch of muppets are indeed comic
  4. hi, jdes i suspect that they can continue to add interest for as long as like to, are you making any payments to the account?
  5. hi, albion and blair &co are indeed the same bunch of muppets, they are indeed the halifax , is the letter from albion sigend matt ball .
  6. hi, it is most important that you cancel any d/d you have set up on your account, if you use internet banking you can canel them with instant affect , if not go to your local branch and cancel them, belive me capt daniels and his crew of pirates at lloyds tsb will indeed rob you blind with these fees:-x. this indeed happened to me in a very simular situation to you. i then found cag and from the great addvice of the members here i learnt to fight back. never again will lloyds tsb rob me!!. please cancel the d/d
  7. hi, in your current situation i would offer a token payment of £1 per month. i dout very much they will write the debt off. i presume that the cause of this debt is made up from there greedy charges ! iam in a simular situation with capt daniels and his bunch of pirates at lloyds tsb i send a £1 p/o each month and indeed they are lucky they get that! do not worry if you have no assets there is little they can do.
  8. hi, offer them£1 per month ,never phone them up to disscus anything get everything in writing, i recently sent them a letter explaining my situation which is indeed simular to yours and a p/o for £1 . they have cashed the p/o.and i will continue to send a £1 p/o each month until my situation changes, dont let these fools worry you .
  9. hi, what they have sent you is a copy of an application form, did you recive any terms and conditions with this application form. i only recived the front of an application form and a set of recon term and conditions? after sending the account in dispute letter i have recived requests for payment from moorcrap and crapquest. both of which i declined it seems that the dca merry go round will go round and round,
  10. ah the famous pre court division letter , i recived 2 of them from moorcrap, i totaly would ignore maybe they will send a pre what to do next letter.
  11. hi, jimbo thanks for the reply i did put the account in dispute with the halifax, it seems that i am on the dca merry go round i have learnt a lot from cag and all the great members on here. if capyquest intend to play hardball then i indeed will also. i will not pay them 1 penny!!
  12. just an update, have recived a letter from capquest requesting payment:lol: i have sent them a cca request andthey sent back the same copy as in my first post, any ideas as to my next move thanks
  13. hi, steve i would send the halifax a formal letter of complaint, as blair @co are indeed the halifax. i had the same problem with blair @co i made a formal complaint to halifax , and i did in fact recive a prompt reply. i decided to complain to the fos after there final responce, so this will cost these bunch of muppets £500:lol:
  14. hi, the pic is to small to read, however this looks like a application form for a visa card, write back to the halifax and ask them were is the copy of the original agreement, you requested in your cca request. when was the card taken out? have you any ppi on this card? also any charges on the account?
  15. thanks uf , so it looks like a waiting game now, i did receive a pre court division letter from moorcrap just before halifax charged off the account and not heard a peep since:eek:
  16. thanks slick will do is there a non compliance letter to use ? i have come to the conclusion that barclayshark are indeed a slippery snake:rolleyes:. once again thanks for your help
  17. they have 40 days to comply with your request, i have recentley recived my sar papers from barclaysharks and they did sent well within the timescale, however barclayshark can be very difficult to deal with.
  18. thanks uf, when you say can be enforced can they take me to court?
  19. thanks for the quick reply, halifax have put a default on my credit file, so i now will have to wait and see which **** dca will chase me:rolleyes:. also in the sar papers halifax say that the account has been charged off?? any idea what they mean?. many thanks
  20. after a cca request to halifax in oct 09 they sent a copy of a recon version, after sending a sar request in april 10 i have recived this back yesterday in the bundel of papers from them, any idea if this is enforcable, many thanks
  21. hi, slick i was hopeing to get info from them on the axa ppi that is on this account, but on the printout it say no data on insurance, funny i have been paying ppi since the card was taken out in feb 2002 when it was a morgan stanley card then goldfish, now barclayshark. i thought if a sar request is made . that they should send all the info they have? i have only recived a long printout with lots of codes on it? i have disputed the account with mercers and have not payed them until they sort it out. thanks for your help.
  22. sent sar request to barclays,no cca agreement or any statements have been sent, just a long print out of account history, shall i now send a cca request?
  23. i bet capt daniels and his merry crew at lloyds are top of the list..
  24. yes you are indeed correct, after reading about them on the forum they are idiot muppets, these fools will not be getting 1 penny from me.
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