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  1. Leeds-based Lowell buys debt off other parties at a discount and then tries to collect the full amount, or as close as possible, from its debtors. when will they ever learn NO AGREEMENT NO PAYMENT!
  2. crapquest are indeed just like any other dca ****!! now you have sent the cca request to these fools just sit back and relax. 8)
  3. UOTE=Geordiegirl79;3150139]Will be closing my bank account with them this week then. i had big problems with lloyds raiding my account. i opened a basic account with natwest, now capt daniels and his bunch of pirates will get no money from me
  4. hi, lloyds will indeed clean your account out with thier right to offset. might be a good idea to open an another account .ie natwest co op . not the halifax as they are now part of lloyds. if you are passed to the collection dept. you will be bombbarded with telphone calls from their cal lcenter in india!
  5. Capquest have bought my debt of £3,300 from Barclaycard and have threatened me with litigation if I fail to contact them and arrange repayment within the next 7 days. hi, jk76 crapquest have bought this debt for peanuts, i wonder why barclaycard sold it ? put it this way would you bet on a three legged donkey in a horse race . send crapquest a cca request looks like they have backed another loser.
  6. hi, as you have reported this to the halifax are indeed liable. make a formal complaint , bt the way the halifax are the pits!
  7. this cant be do you mean £600? bloody hell capt DANIELS and his crew of pirates are indeed in the money, if i were you DO NOT PAY IT!!!!
  8. hi,have you tried to claim on the ppi on this loan?
  9. they are indeed accepting the£1 they cash the p/o each month! when they choose to pass this debt on to the dca or indeed to court, then until my situation changes i will pay £1, i do indeed not recive any phone calls from them. i do get letters from them which i always reply to. please find enclosed a p/o for £1 account no xxxx. you will recive my next payment of £1 on or about the same time next month. thankyou for your understanding with reguard to this matter.
  10. hi, have you tryed natwest i opened a basic account with them , you get a debit card , no overdraght, great no fees:-).
  11. hi, again here is the tele no 0500 758888. and the address is CSRT 2nd FLOOR, ATLANTIC QUAY, 45 ROBERTSON WAY, GLASGOW, G2 8JD. i have always recived a responce from them and they will log a formal complaint on the phone they will also give you a ref no. thier complaints proceduer is a leaflet called "how to voice your concerns"
  12. hi, i have made many complaints the best way is to send a formal letter of complaint to your local branch manager, or to csrt i have a telephone no , i will look it up if you want i have always recived a reply . lloyds tsb are indeed very devious with sending correct reply addresses i think that they hope you will go away.
  13. hi, has a b or c been checking thier credit report. experian etc
  14. yes indeed pay them something the minium of £1 is a good offer in your situation, even mr judge would see that you are trying to address the situation (should they intend to go to court) after all if you have nothing then £1 is better than nothing to them. it is not a crime to be in debt, ones situation can change at any time. i am not in a position to offer them a final settlement, so will continue to pay them £1. maybe i will win the lottery then i will offer them 10%
  15. yes correct i have indeed called that number a few times, lloyds tsb auto reply. please call 0845 600 6283 .which is indeed the collections dept, the indian lady i spoke to told me that she worked for lloyds tsb collections dept in munbi india! as 95% of calls are transfered to them .
  16. these calls are from thier indian call center, requesting payment for late payment on a credit card, they used to telephone me all the time, i just told them i dont not have a credit card account with lloyds in india! if you wish to contactact me again please send a letter. the phone calls have indeed stopped. i do get the odd letter now and again from thier collection dept in brighton.
  17. hi they indeed did not get any joy from me! it makes no diffrence you have not entered the pin once you submit your your details to thier systems the red alert light in all dca offices will light across the land!
  18. hi, craiggizmo upon checking you credit report from these credit ref companys i belive they hit the red alert button to every dca in the land, this i found out after taking out a free 30 day free trial offer. i was soon indeed bombarded with dca threat letters on old c/c debts
  19. hi,oot file under I IGNORE, westcot are bottomfeeders , if i were you i would not waste a stamp replying to these idiots.
  20. yes indeed you can offer a payment of £1.00 to all your creditors they are not legally obliged to accept this . they can and will refuse this offer. however continue to offer this amoumt .
  21. hi, the halifax will indeed rob you blind with thier fees , get the hell out of there. cancel all your d/d if you internet banking you can cancel them with instant affect, otherwise go to your local branch and demand they are canceled. it is important that you cancel these or you will indeed continue to be robbed !!!!!
  22. they indeed do not have any legal right to request this information, i sent them a copy of a letter from the dwp confirming that i was in receipt of jsa. that soon shut them up! i will continue to pay them £1 per month untill my situation changes.
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