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  1. well what idiots lloyds tsb are, you have nothing but greedy lloyds want it all! send them £1 per month token payment.
  2. lloyds are indeed fools , unless you have some assets , then in 17 days time you can offer them £1 per month
  3. QUOTE=Cartaphilus;3157407]Bike sheds. :oops:8) oh dear have they got one there too!
  4. sorry cant read them, can you upload via photobucket, or tinypic.com
  5. capquest legal department, is it not the nearest toilet in thier office
  6. hi, first of all DO NOT PHONE these dca **** they will tell you lies and threaten all sorts of nastys, to get you to pay. is this for a c/c ? how old is it, can you post the agreement up, blank your out personal details, ref no, barcodes.
  7. indeed any letter you send them in respect of a complaint should be headed " FORMAL LETTER OF COMPLIANT". formal means they will take notice.
  8. send the cca request to lloyds tsb, are you receiving calls fron thier indian call center ?
  9. hi, lloyds tsb are indeed the pits, and they will fob you off, when you meet with your branch manager tell him/ her that you wish to logde a formal complaint! it will cost lloyds £500 per complaint that the fos looks into!
  10. same old halifax" allways giving you extra" what is this £30 charge for? request a copy of these t&c from the halifax.
  11. post it up remove all personal data and barcodes, any ppi, charges on the account?
  12. as you have proof of delivery, the scribble is the proof that someone has recived the item. royal mail should also gain a print name as well as a signature or in your case a scribble
  13. do indeed inform your case manager you have lodged a formal complaint with the fos
  14. hi, can you post up a copy of the agreement?, when was it taken out? is there any ppi on this loan?
  15. hi, i have not had any dealings with mr carter, but from what i have read about him on here . he is indeed a bad egg, no doubt someone who has had dealings with this rotten egg will addvise you .
  16. They request that you get in touch by calling them on 0845 600 6392 immediately. lloyds tsb auto route no , if you call this number you will indeed be transfered to thier call center somewhere in india !
  17. depending on your situation ie ,employment /unempolyed, offer them a sum YOU can afford send them a simple letter .dear sir/madam in reply to your letter of the 21 sept, due to my current situation and after seeking addvice i can offer a token payment of £xxx .(enclose a p/o for the amount YOU CAN AFFORD) please note i wii not telephone your company to disscus this matter. i also request that any interest and charges be suspended, as not to inccur any more debt to this account thankyou for your understanding with reguard to this matter.
  18. now on my original agreement it states that £1 per month must be paid (example) now on thier recon agreement it states £10 must be paid. now please produce THE ORIGINAL AGREEMENT.
  19. hi, in thier last letter 21 september , take them up on thier clients offer , send them a £1 p/o. dont phone them !
  20. hi jk 76 please do not be scared, you have sent the cca request to these fools! the letters they send are indeeed a tactic to scare you. wait to see what they send in your legal request for your cca, no doubt crapquest will indeed send you some more bog roll in thier responce.
  21. can you post up the letter from sc um! dont forget to blank out your deatils and any ref No and barcodes
  22. hi, bog standard default letter, you have left your account No on the letter. lloyds trolls that look at these posts can identify you.
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