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  1. hi, i send lots of e.mails to capt daniels and his bunch of pirates at lloyds tsb never recived a reply ! i did however recieve lots more letters from the collection dept please phone now. DO NOT phone as you will indeed be transfered to the collection dept in the land of the rupee!
  2. case closed, the letter they sent is indeed a free ticket for a spin on the dca merry go round.
  3. hi i would continue to pay the smelifax the £ 1 per month. which solicitor phoned you? if your finanicial situation has not changed then indeed send another I/E form . i find it strange that a solicitor would call you with reguard to this matter.
  4. no doubt you are on the dca merry go round! you have been SUSPENDED until the next **** dca send you a pay us now or else threatogram. only a judge has any legal powers. however the dca seem to think they are indeed the judge!
  5. hi, why not send robbers way a formal demand for a copy of your agreement, you are correct all the letters they send are indeed template letters. it seems they like to waste paper and ink.
  6. HI tee jay ignore the wescot, they are indeed sharks that prowl in the dca ocean sadley for them they have no bite!
  7. do not phone them!, keep copys of all email you send and all if any replys you recivie.
  8. hi, yes scan the recon agreement post it up ( personal details and ref no and barcodes)
  9. indeed they are , i would eat all the turkey and send them the bones!
  10. it seems that someone in the dca office is looking in the dictionary, looking for new words to send in thier threatograms.
  11. hi, as wescot are only acting for lloyds i would NOT reply to them and please dont speak to them on the phone. as for lloyds you must send a FORMAL LETTER OF COMPLAINT, asking them why they have not replyed to your previous letters and your offer of repayment after all you are trying to address your current situation. state to them should they choose to ignore your letter and proposal of a token payment then you will contact the fos with regard to the matter, as i belive they are indeed treating you unfairly . make sure you send the letter via recorded mail. you should also send a sar request to lloyds it costs £10 this will get all the info they have on their systems about you inc the ppi. you should look in to reclaiming this ppi, as you may indeed find they owe you some money.
  12. as bb says, reg ( 1) no cca . reg( 2) account in dispute. reg (3 ) no payment. and i agree 100%
  13. can you post the letter up, remove all your personal details, i would indeed send them a letter stating that a token payment is all you can afford, due to your current situation. ( if you have nothing then you have nothing to fear) do not send them another I/E form. send them a copy of your letter that you will be made redundant, hence this is my offer of a token £xxx payment per month. its a case of take it or leave it!
  14. hi, after the albion muppets, have finished with you no dout blair &co will be in touch. HAVE A POOP SCOOP HANDY. i recived this from them after the ALBION finished with me, i did not recive any court papers however i did recive some bog paper from moorcroft & crapquest! in the form of a demand for payment. no doubt more bog paper will indeed will be flushed my way in the near future!
  15. hi, lloyds are indeed the pits, as for wescot do not worry yourself about them, are wescot acting on behalf of lloyds? you say you had ppi on this loan, have you looked in to the possible case of it being mis-sold?
  16. hi, i had quite a few letters from scm requesting full payment, thier last formal letter stated full balance must be paid in 7 days( or its off to court you go) i sent them a letter back plain and simple , I CAN NOT PAY THE FULL BALANCE IN THE NEXT 7 DAYS OR INDEED THE NEXT 777 DAYS SO PLEASE ISSUE COURT ACTION. the only action i have recived is a letter from the lloyds CDR department..
  17. this looks like a in branch application form . taken out in a s****horpe branch of halifax. is there anything on the rear of the scan?
  18. thanks bb, i have left the ref no on so that the smelifax trolls that look in can indeed follow up on what they sent!
  19. hi, steve76 wescott are indeed bottom feeders. £20 a month for them is alot, pay them what you can afford. they have no power only a court does .
  20. hi, you need to send account in dispute letter as in post 8. have a poop scoop handy as no doubt you could recive this from them.
  21. halifax cca reconsituted version are these the same recon terms/ agreement you have recived
  22. hi, the debt may indeed be genuine, but have they got the correct paperwork! you should send them a cca request. in the meantime just continue to pay them what you can afford, dont phone these muppets, if you must contact them send a letter.
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