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  1. thanks for that. i may indeed call thier bluff i do indeed have copies of all correspondence i know one thing it will not be ME looking stupid before the county court judge
  2. hi, thanks for your reply, maybe a short simple letter to them would do?. dear sir/madam due to the lack of communcation by yourselfs and indeed your client i have indeed explained my current situation to yourselfs and indeed your client therefore i welcome the the courts judgement with regard to this matter!
  3. hi, thanks for the reply, the loan was taken out jan 2007, i have indeed informed them by letter i allways send recorded delivery
  4. thanks rebel11, i thought so i have informed them of my current situation, so all the threats in their letter are indeed pointless i have told them in writting that i am unemployed, i have no assets, etc, i send them a token payment each month and they cash the p/o. then they send this letter:jaw:
  5. recived this from scm. any addvice most welcome.
  6. hi, ron can you post up the letter you have recived .
  7. hi george i indeed belive they do not have the true copy, if they had it they would indeed send it:wink:
  8. hi, if you scan and post up the recon etc, remove all personal deatils ref numbers barcodes.. you should have recived a noa
  9. hi, please post the recon up remove all personal details, ref numbers or barcodes, as the trolls from the smelifax look in on these posts.
  10. INDEED , as it would only be a county court hearing the judge may indeed be wearing cargo pants.
  11. hi, you mention in your post to judges that wear THE RED COAT these are indeed judges in the crown court, now county court and crown court is indeed a diffrent matter!
  12. the £ 10 / p/o or cheque for the sar request is to lloyds . endorse your p/o or cheque to lloyds tsb bank.
  13. ok , phone the solicitor at fairfax in leeds and tell them to send you a letter! with reguard to this matter. post it up or type its contents on your thread should they reply.
  14. hi thier letter says it all. when they find it they will send it. sit back and relax.
  15. how very true your words are, before i found the cag website i did indeed fear these **** dca/s , thier threats and horrible phone calls really upset me and my family, with thanks for the reading and help i have had on this forum i have indeed learnt to fight back!
  16. you MAY indeed ignore the litigation letter from capquest. i think you will find that the capquest litigation letter is printed in their legal department THE NEAREST TOILET IN THEIR OFFICE!
  17. do not be worried about capquest, why send them a cca request and waste a £1, you are indeed on the dca merry go round.
  18. if they buy the debt then i presume its the hook line and sinker
  19. ah it seems that thier gun powder is indeed running low!
  20. no doubt the o/c 's will soon be offering a bogof offer to these DCA's. more fool them!
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