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  1. dont forget to save that message, never ever trust the barclayshark
  2. the the op did in fact send the required payment £1.00 fee, wescot know the rules or so they should, why dont they take a £1.00 out of their tea bag fund, send this to their clients, cash the op £1.00 payment, then add it back to their tea bag fund simple!
  3. hi, why not let this lot of chimps tea party fools carry out their threats, if its not you then you do not need not worry about this matter!
  4. i would never pay them , why then when the original creditor sells the debt to these **** dcas it says something why dont they collect! i for one would never pay a **** dca even if i went to court i would tell th judge i will not pay the dca, i would rather go to jail.i would never ever pay a dca!!!!!
  5. i sent my cca request to these bunch of muppets at wescot , the postal order was endorsed in pen payable to wescot / lloyds tsb . (their client) stupid fools returned the p/o with a covering letter saying please send this p/o to lloyds tsb, as we are not the original creditor. right so why are you asking me for payment then! i was under the impression that these dcas had some sort of a credit licence, and if so then they should know the rules! i have since sent the wescot fools a letter stating i will indeed not pay them a single penny! when their clients lloyds tsb contact me i will send the original £1 p/o to them and they will again be offered a token payment.
  6. barclays and barcklyshark are indeed the same shark, hit them hard and fast, issue a court claiml
  7. hi, lloyds now own the halifax and yes they can and will take your money:jaw: open another account well away from the robbers at the lloyds tsb, the natwest or coop do a basic bank account.
  8. another pre- division letter on its way. no doubt sent from their pre bog division the nearest toilet in their office
  9. i think it is possible but very difficult to do, you could try a letter of complaint to the cra about incorrect info on yourcredit report
  10. like i said the magic dca roundabout, round and round it goes, lloyds may pass it to moorcrap dca or the idiots at wescot dca, both of which can easilybe tamed
  11. nobody from the moorcrap divisions will turn up! ive got lots of the pre-court division/ home collections letters from them in my suitcase!. of course all these letters are indeed sent from their bog division dept. the nearest toilet in their office!
  12. once you get letters from the collections dept, in hove, post them up and i will tell you how to deal with them. DO NOT CONTACT VIA TELEPHONE.
  13. hi, that letter from the robbers at the lloyds tsb confirms that they can not provide you with an original cca agreement, this means no court papers , however they will pee all over your credit report, and can and will set the dca merry go round in motion.
  14. hi, tee jay, thats a standard begging letter from the moorcrap, i have got a suitcase full of moorcrap letters. ignore the idiots.
  15. hi, dont reply to them i suspect this is some dca **** trying their luck! i never received any letters from bailiffs, they just turned up at my door after missing some ccj payments!
  16. hi, how old are these loans? do you have any ppi on them?
  17. oh well i will await the court claim for the arrears
  18. i would not waste your time on moorcr*p , they are toothless sharks that prowl in the dca ocean.
  19. hi, that is a bog standard threat o gram from moorcroof, not worth the paper it is printed on, moorcroft have indeed many pre - divisions, ignore them all!
  20. yes indeed ignore their phone calls. no doubt they will send some rubbish, wescot are bottom feeders in the dca ocean.
  21. hi, the scan is to small to read , upload via photobucket, or tiny pic.com them copy and paste the img code back here.
  22. the arrears amount is what they want me to pay in thier letter. as the deadline in their letter has now passed, and i have not paid them. would they be daft enough to issue a claim for the arrears?
  23. hi, bb39 thanks for the reply. it seems that they are wanting to go to court for the arrears, they demanded the full amount last month . i will continue to pay them a token payment.
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