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  1. really! all down to the judge lotto! never ever pay the dca [email protected]
  2. right i see, the o/c claims tax liability , so in fact the o/c gains on some of the original debt owed, however the o/c then sells on to the dcas for the original amount owed. should not the amount be adjusted when these debts are sold on?
  3. the whole dca collection industry is rotten to the core, i often wonder why the o/c sells these debts for peanuts, ?
  4. ignore the [email protected] thretograms what can they do? only recommend to their client as they state in their thretogram, bog paper as always from [email protected] .:madgrin:l
  5. maybe a good question to ask the county court judge if and when the time arrives:madgrin:
  6. should this tax benefit be taken into account with the original amount on a debt?
  7. never ever pay them **** dca a single penny, until you have the absloute 100% proof that they have the right to collect this alleged debt. a cca request is legal . show a cross to a vampire and it will back away!
  8. what about accounts that have been charged off by the o/c then passed/ sold on to the dca muppets?
  9. likewise i would not waste my time anymore with this shower of **** dca, they did indeed threaten me with all sorts , court, bailiff, doorstep collector etc,. thanks to cag i did indeed stand up to these vermin dca. they dont bother me anymore, thanks to the great cag members i can now see through the lying and corrupt ways of how the dca operate. on a personal note i will never ever pay a dca,
  10. ah! moorcroft PRE- COURT DIVISION no doubt sent from their legal dept the nearest bog in their office! had loads of these letters , ignore this bunch of muppets dca.
  11. good news, however no doubt some other dca **** will indeed chance their luck !! Ignore the dca they are nothing.
  12. payment break plan, ppi it is indeed , nice one barclyshark!!!!!
  13. hope you get them to confirm in writing, never ever trust the barclyshark!!
  14. hi, oldgirl dont let these **** dca get to you next time they phone you, tell them sorry you have got the wrong number, however i do know a mr/ mrs xxx and thier number is xxxxxxx (local takeaway) worked for me many times, not received a phonecall from the dcas in a long time now:-D
  15. are you still paying these robbers at the lloyds tsb?. if i were you mate i would change bank and tell the lloyds were to sick THEIR CHARGES
  16. hi, the letter you have received from the [email protected] threating court , is what it is a threat another PRE COURT DIVISION, letter ignore it. never ever pay a dca!
  17. HI, IGNORE all the pre- division letters from [email protected] they have no powers, only if you recive official court papers is it then you should respond
  18. i think you will find that all the moorcrap litigation warnings, are indeed sent from their legal dept, the nearest bog in their office!
  19. hi, ignore the fools moorcrap wont go anywhere near a court. i bet you got a PRE DIVISION letter from them. they send this junk mail out every day! must cost them a fortune i have a large suit case full of these PRE DIVISION letters. no doubt i will get some more:violin:
  20. very true bb they can indeed do NOTHING, only continue to fill my large suitcase with their rubbish!
  21. it seems they put a lot of cost and effort in their stupid telephone calls and threatograms, when they dont have to! maybe their tea bag fund is running low!
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