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  1. a DCA may indeed have the right in law to collect a DEBT ???. HOWEVER a DCA IS NOTHING THEY HAVE NO LEGAL POWERS!!!!!
  2. so ok statements could be proved to be linked to the account, now take one step forwad, in the c/c . i now i ask the county court jugde, yes sir/madam" i did indeed have a c/c loan . i have indeed used this account, i am now being charged 39% apr. on your recon agreement. i dont think the original agreemet had 39/% apr. with out the original then who knows
  3. ok thanks for that, however why would the o/c send a recon agreement, a recon is what it is a reconstrution of something... original is allways the best!!!
  4. It is expected that the debt purchaser will honour a payment plan inforce with the original creditor, however there is no obligation to do so "debt purchaser" do you mean a DCA? a DCA will never honour or indeed what is expected of them, when they buy these debts for peanuts!!
  5. the ''normal'' collection activity can still carry on but they cannot enforce the debt via the courts until the agreement or a compliant reconstituted agreement is supplied. what is a COMPLIANT RECONSTITUTED AGREEMENT?
  6. Do you mean they'll send some slimy collector round that I can tell to go away and that's it or is the deadline a complete scare tactic? the slimy collector, if indeed it calls can be told to fu/off. the deadline from a dca is indeed a scare tactic, never ever phone a dca, only in writing, and never ever pay a dca unless they have the correct paper work,,,,,,,,
  7. no doubt the halifax will issue a free ticket for a spin on the dca merry go round,
  8. hi, i think bt sell these ex directory no s to cra s dsa s. same as mobile phone providers, o2, t- mobile etc
  9. hi, brig why ? and how ? have you been hacked. i have heard of bank account hacking/ scams. hacking a cag account how very strange. hope the site team sort it out for you soon..
  10. hi, albion are the in house dca for the halifax, same bunch of muppets. ignore albion, after them you will have blair oliver scott, b.o.s_ on your case again who are indeed the halifax!!
  11. if they are offering you such a huge discount, ask yourself why! DONT FALL FOR IT. the dcas are finding it really hard these days, they will scrape the bottom of the barrel, as many times as they can:madgrin:
  12. ignore the bunch of fools, i have had loads of threat-o-grams from the wescot muppets:lol: i have indeed ignored them. not herd from them in a long time now.
  13. indeed the dca merry go round, round and round it goes:madgrin:
  14. you need to send a cca request it costs £1.00
  15. is this in reply to a cca request you sent ?
  16. send it to the next slime ball dca , that contacts you:madgrin:
  17. typical [email protected] from a dca. NEVER EVER PAY A DCA:madgrin:
  18. do INDEED IGNORE that letter and any other letter you get from the dcas . NEVER EVER PAY A DCA. if you have loads of charges claim them back! send a sar to the smellifax:madgrin:i it will cost you £10 but could reap you a lot.
  19. i for one do indeed not love the dcas and indeed i will ignore them. my comment is not ill informed !!! as the o/p states dca CANNOT PROVIDE SIGNED AGREEMENT!!
  20. not paying a dca is indeed most easy, just ignore them what after all can they do? being in debt is indeed a civil matter! not a crime:madgrin:
  21. not paying a dca is indeed most easy, just ignore them what after all can they do? being in debt is indeed a civil matter! not a crime:madgrin:
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